Struggling to get dates with pictures? Tinder’s giving videos a go

Starting soon, Tinder’s going to be embracing video by allowing users to upload two second clips of themselves to their dating profiles. 

If a picture is worth a thousand words, then a two second video should be worth at least 48,000 by our estimations, which perhaps explains the move from one of the world’s biggest dating apps (as reported by TechCrunch).

The new feature will be called ‘Loops‘, and you’ll be able to create them by importing videos from your phone, or iOS Live Photos. The feature will only be available in Canada and Sweden for now, and will only be available on iOS.

A new ‘Add Media’ button will allow you to cut your selected two seconds out of a video of your choice, although Live Photos are already short enough that they shouldn’t require any trimming.

Improving your chances

The eventual hope with this feature is to increase the amount of matches people get on the service.

Tinder has previously tried a number of different methods to achieve this same goal including introducing a new ‘Feed’ that gives prospective matches much more information about your life beyond a short bio and handful of photos.

‘Super Likes’ meanwhile, are a means of liking someone so that they know that you’ve liked them before they give their verdict on you.

The dating app isn’t the first to experiment with video. Rivals such as Hinge and Bumble have also toyed with the functionality in the past.

For what it’s worth, a move into video feels right for a dating app. Photos can be manipulated to be borderline misleading, whereas videos can’t. Better still, videos have the potential to show much better sides to people than static images. We’ll have to wait and see whether this trial is successful enough to warrant a larger roll out.

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