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This is probably what the iPhone 7 looks like


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With just a few weeks to go until the rumoured iPhone 7 launch, mock-ups of the upcoming Apple smartphone are leaking out in force.

A new video has turned up on YouTube that seemingly depicts the iPhone 7, but there’s a catch. The phone in the video isn’t actually the iPhone 7, or even a handset that’s been pilfered from Foxconn’s production line. Instead, it’s a mock-up that’s been built based on leaked blueprints for the phone.

The fact that this is a mock-up means that its design could be entirely spurious. But it could also be spot on. After all, the design is very consistent with the other iPhone 7 leaks so far. As such, if you want a good idea of what the iPhone 7 will probably look like, this video is no bad place to start:

So what are the key points of interest? For a start, you’ll notice that the antenna banding on the back of the phone is less prominent. There’s also a complete absence of a headphone jack, which is in line with Apple’s rumoured removal of the 3.5mm audio port.

In the video, there are three models depicted – apparently, we’re going to see three variants of the iPhone 7. One of those is reportedly set to feature a dual-lens camera, as shown in the video.

Unfortunately, as with any leak, this video could have it completely wrong. So we’d recommend taking this leak, and all future iPhone leaks, with due caution.

Apple is expected to unveil the iPhone 7 at a dedicated launch event in September this year. The handset is rumoured to feature a number of minor upgrades, with major improvements reserved for next year’s 10th anniversary iPhone 8 – apparently.

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(Image credit: Martin Hajek, designer)

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Emerald Core

August 7, 2016, 10:19 am

the only positive thing about iphone 7 is that it will make a good birthday gift to my wife


August 7, 2016, 3:40 pm

These are someone's mock-ups based on the inconsistent rumours that have been going around about the iPhone 7. There have been conflicting rumours that the iPhone 7 will/won't have two 5.5" models (Plus and Pro), and that the 5.5" models will/won't have a Smart Connector on the back, and that the iPhone 7 will/won't have a Force Touch home button.

There are some clear give-aways that these are NOT official Apple mock-ups. Both the smaller iPhone 7 and the larger iPhone 7 Plus with the dual lens camera have the exact same model number (A1429) and the same FCC number. Number "A1429" was the model number used for the iPhone 5.

Not only should the model numbers be different, but they should start with "A17" since iPhone 6 models started with "A15" and the iPhone 6S models started with "A16"). Also the "flash" on the backside is just what looks like a piece of solid yellow plastic under the outside glass (no dual LEDs under the glass).

When the "iPhone 7" is shown beside the iPhone 6S in the video, the "iPhone" logo on the back of the iPhone 7 is in the wrong font, and the Apple logo looks like it is just silk-screened on instead of the reflective metal like on the iPhone 6S. Also, comparing the gold surface of the "iPhone 7" vs. the iPhone 6S, the surface of the iPhone 7 looks too rough (as if it just has been spray painted on). Also, the ringer switch is wonky.

Apple is very detail oriented, and the company would never produce even its "dummy" phones for cellular stores, with this many errors and flaws.

It's actually amazing that, with only a month until it is revealed by Apple, there have been no leaks of the actual product yet... Even though the iPhone 7 has probably already started production in advance of going on sale next month.

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