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Third Sony Tablet Trailer Reveals Multimedia Credentials


Sony S1 S2 Trailer

In a more colourful and upbeat video for its two new Android tablets, Sony has given us a glimpse of the multimedia aspects of the S1 and S2.

The first trailer for the tablets was equal parts bizarre and infuriating, as it gave us no indication of what the tablets would look like or could do, and yet it left us eager for more. The second trailer was equally obtuse but the latest teaser has finally given us an idea of what the tablets will be able to do.

Eschewing the dark and moody lighting and atmosphere of the first trailer, the third installment, entitled "Filled with Fun", is all colour and light but continues the theme of using interconnecting parts moving in one fluid kinetic motion.

First we see the larger S1 showing off a gallery of pictures, then playing some music before finally showing a clip from the Green Hornet (they really should have picked a better film) with a card telling us to “Turn Life into Cinema.

Moving on, the trailer goes on to show the S2, firstly acting as an ereader, with pages of a book displayed on both screens. We then see Crash Bandicoot come to life, being played on one screen with (presumably) the controls arranged on the other display, as Sony representatives told us last week.

The trailer ends again with the “To be continued” line and while these trailers are not exactly packed with new information, we like them and look forward to more Sony ingenuity.

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