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Facebook Timeline, Android 4.0, Windows 8 supports ARM

Facebook Timeline

A potentially controversial inclusion, but we believe Timeline has radically altered Facebook adding essential longevity to the inconsequential nature of the site and transforming each profile into a digital life. In fact it may have just changed the Internet.

We won't dwell on the ins and outs here, but with its role as a media distributor set to skyrocket, one billion users in sight and a prospective $100bn stock flotation on the horizon Facebook will continue to hog headlines throughout 2012. This will only infuriate Facebook critics further because 800m users and an Oscar nominated movie in 2011 could prove a mere footnote.

Android 4.0

Apple may have received a lot of attention over iOS5, but the stitching job Google performed with Android 4.0 'Ice Cream Sandwich' was far more important. Essential to the long term future of Android, ICS corrected the dangerous fracture which split 2.x onto mobiles and 3.x onto tablets and threatened to undermine the world's most popular mobile platform.


Following weak tablet sales in 2011, ICS will be fundamental to the success of future iPad rivals in 2012 and it simultaneously rejuvenates cutting edge smartphone hardware in 2011 smartphones which were hamstrung by Android 2.x's limited support for multi-core processors and graphics acceleration.

Windows 8 on ARM

Announced right back at the start of January, Microsoft's decision to support ARM-based processors in Windows 8 was both long overdue and vital to the platform's mobile pretensions. It also put the final nail in the coffin of the famed Wintel partnership of the last two decades.

The move promises much and risks even more. Windows 8 on ARM will have no legacy support for x86 programmes (in short: everything up to now) and with current Windows 8 builds looking little more than a superficial Metro skin upon a tweaked Windows 7 UI many still question why Windows Phone wasn't simply put on tablets (us included). What is clear though is with the move Microsoft is determined to reimagine the whole company and 2012 will be the year we find out whether it has achieved it.


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