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The rumoured iOS 10 change Apple didn’t mention is real


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While the company didn’t mention it at WWDC 2016 (for obvious reasons) it appears iOS 10 users will finally be able to remove stock apps from their home screens.

The ability to hide the lesser-used tools was apparently revealed by Matt Ellison, a tech student at University of Colorado Colorado Springs.

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After taking the developer preview for a spin on Monday, Ellison noticed the delete crosses next to a number of iOS staples like Mail and Calendar. Notes, Weather, Watch and, somewhat surprisingly Music, can also be dropped like a bad habit.

However it doesn’t seem like the ability will be available for all of the companies stock apps.

Obvious and system-essential candidates like Messages, Safari, Phone, Wallet, Activity News Settings, App Store, Health, Camera and Clock all remain rooted deeply into the device.

Apparently, according to Ellison, all apps can be reinstalled via the App Store.

While the change will be welcomed by some if it remains within the final build of iOS 10, it’s unsurprising that Apple chose not to acknowledge it during the keynote.

After all, the cheers that would no doubt have filled the room when it announced users could get rid of some of the lesser-used apps might have been quite embarrassing.

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Owen Hamilton

June 14, 2016, 7:09 am

Looking at the screenshot posted in this article, the one app I'd want to remove (Safari) is one app that is not removable which is a shame as I'm fed up with it crashing for no apparent reason on certain websites.

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