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The Note 7 debacle hurt Samsung but failed to help Apple


Samsung Galaxy Note 7

Remember when everyone said the Note 7 recall and the ensuing fallout would send Samsung fans flocking to the iPhone 7 Plus? Well that turned out not to be the case.

According to new figures, the biggest disaster in smartphone history did hurt Samsung, but Apple was not an obvious beneficiary, according to new figures.

Samsung’s shipments dropped 14% compared to the same period of last year, Gartner said, which remained enough to earn 19.2% of the entire mobile industry.

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According to the research, Apple’s sales of 43 million iPhones accounted for 11.2% of all smartphone sales.

So if Apple didn’t mop-up all of those disenfranchised Samsung fans, who did?

Gartner cites a dramatic rise of Chinese manufacturers like Huawei and Oppo; the latter performing twice as well as last year.

Of course the vast majority of these gains came in China, where sales of smartphones grew by 12.4 per cent.

Samsung’s comeback from its worst sales slump in two years will commence with the eagerly-anticipated Galaxy S8 handset, which we’re expecting to see in February.

Is the Galaxy S8 already the most important Samsung phone release ever?

If the company ever needed to nail a smartphone it was this one. Are you remaining a Samsung loyalist in spite of the last few months’ shenanigans?

Share your thoughts below.

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November 18, 2016, 6:13 pm

Samsung has to be worried that every smartphone launch is accompanied by youtube videos purporting to show the device bursting into flames. Usually people get bored and eventually the attention seekers melt away, ready to try again at the next launch.

Obviously they are going to be out in force for Samsung, and obviously every tech blog will syndicate the footage on a no-questions-asked basis, excusing themselves of any journalistic integrity. Of course buried in there will be one or two genuine cases - no phone is perfect.

How is Samsung going to ride out the inevitable, predictable media frenzy and me-too attention seekers putting up these flaming videos every day?

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