The latest piece of Stranger Things merch will have you dusting off out the boombox

The Netflix original series Stranger Things played an undeniably large role in the current romanticising of all things 1980s, so it’s only right the show’s highly acclaimed soundtrack is also coming to a throwback medium.

Not not, vinyl. It’s been a best seller on vinyl for months now. We’re talking about the humble cassette tape.

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The tape release for both volumes of the Grammy-nominated, synth-centric soundtrack will go on sale next month, to coincide with the one year anniversary of the show hitting Netflix.

To add to the retro-flavor, the cassettes come in a case that looks like a VHS tape. Take that, Betamax!

Stranger Things

Unfortunately, Pitchfork (via Engadget) reports, it’s only going on sale at Urban Outfitters in the United States. To be honest, it’s the most suitable location imaginable.

The cassette release comes ahead of the release of Season 2 on Halloween.

That, of course, will be on the much more modern medium of Netflix streaming at 4K resolution, for those with compatible TVs and subscriptions.

Will you be snapping up the Stranger Things cassettes? Or is this for collectors only? Let us know in the comments section below.