Clarkson’s The Grand Tour might not be exclusive to Amazon forever

While The Grand Tour might be Amazon’s hottest property, a new report shows it might not be exclusive to the online retail giant forever.

Supposedly, there is a secret arrangement in place that will allow Amazon to sell the rights to the show to cable and network broadcasters. Sources revealed to Business Insider that the arrangement was written into the deal between the ex Top Gear team and Amazon. As a result, Amazon are now working with talent agency IMG to license second window rights to The Grand Tour.

While non-Amazon Primers may rejoice at the idea of one day watching the show, we wouldn’t recommend they hold their breath. Basically, Amazon has the right to choose when (or if) the new motoring show is made available to others. What’s more, with three series to make, we doubt it’ll be anytime soon. 

This ‘secret deal’ is a bit of a backtrack by Amazon, whose European Vice President Jay Marine previously said: “There has been sub-licensing interest from others, it is a very sought-after show. But we have no interest in doing that. This is an exclusive show for Amazon Prime members.”
But breaking rank is executive producer Andy Wilman – one of the brains behind Top Gear – who said that he’d like see his show on television as well as Amazon. He revealed to the Edinburgh International Television Festival that he’d like it to be “seen by as many people as possible”.

Meanwhile, Amazon does have a precedent of releasing its shows to TV. Two series of the grimy thriller Ripper Street aired on BBC One. We have a hunch that The Grand Tour probably won’t get leased to the BBC, though…

The new show is set to air on the 18th November and has recently been filming it studio sequences in California.

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