The Grand Tour – Amazon releases show and slashes the price of Prime

Updated – The Grand Tour on Amazon Prime: Confirmed release date, latest locations, trailers, news, deals and guide to the new Top Gear featuring Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May.

Car fans up and down the country have waited patiently, and at last The Grand Tour has arrived. Clarkson’s new motoring show was released on the 18th November on Amazon Prime. Check out this trailer for the new show:

The clip showcases some of the cars and locations we can expect to see from the show. Episodes will be released every Friday following The Grand Tour’s debut in mid-November.

The first episode has been well received by fans and critics alike. The first episode of the series included sweeping shots of the trio driving cars through the Mojave desert. Some reviewers have said that it’s so cinematic it belongs on the big screen rather than on the internet. In particular, people were fans of the opening sequence which featured the three presenters driving in Mustangs. 

Here’s what Twitter had to say:

There’s good news for those who haven’t subscribed to Amazon yet. You can now watch Clarkson’s new show on the cheap. As part of the Black Friday deals, and in the final run-up to the release of The Grand Tour on Friday, Amazon has slashed the price of its Prime subscription. The premium service usually costs £79.99 but for the next few days will be discounted to £59.

GET DEAL: Subscribe to Amazon Prime for just £59

This is great for those who have yet to subscribe. However you better be quick, the offer only stands until the first episode of the show on Friday 18th November.

The show will be released on a weekly basis, rather than all at once. However, we now have the details for first four shows, which include desert antics, special forces operations, a gentleman’s tour of Italy as well as an ecological challenge. Whatever happens, we’ve been assured it’ll be “utter chaos”, check it out:

You can also catch up with the three motoring muppets in this video with James Corden. The clip involves a challenge between the three, who have to race around a circuit while answering questions from the Late, Late Show host.

There’s a fair few laughs, but the highlight has got to be Jeremy trying to navigate Top Gear questions:

In other news, Amazon Fire TV has got a snazzy new interface, which will make watching the new show even easier. This includes better scrolling as well as regularly updated hero show slots. There will also apparently be a more intelligent algorithm for suggesting shows, plus Alexa will be more deeply integrated into the system. You can check out all the information in the link below.

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That’s all the latest news, but your full guide to The Grand Tour, including a reminder of the all-important November release date, is below.


The Grand Tour – What is it?

It seems like an eternity since Jeremy Clarkson got the boot from the BBC following his infamous fracas with a Top Gear producer. Loyal sidekicks and fellow petrolheads Richard Hammond and James May subsequently left, and fans were left in the lurch over the status of the BBC’s most-watched telly show.

Top Gear returned, but with new presenters and was largely deemed a flop. However, Clarkson and his cronies were confirmed for a return with The Grand Tour – a new motoring show which is set to share a lot in common with Top Gear.

The origins of the name lie in the fact that none of the team could think of a good moniker for the show. The Grand Tour was chosen after Gear Knobs – the presenters’ preferred name – was ruled out by legal advisors.

The troublesome trio have reportedly signed up for three 12 episode series, and Amazon is thought to have budgeted £160 million to fund their antics.

The idea is that every episode will be filmed in a different country, with the show being hosted from a giant tent. So far, we know that the first series will feature South Africa, America, Germany and Yorkshire.

Jay Marine, the VP of Amazon Prime Video Europe, believes that The Grand Tour will be one of the ‘most anticipated TV launches of all time’ and based on the popularity of Top Gear, we wouldn’t necessarily disagree.

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The Grand Tour – What’s the release date?

Amazon has confirmed the show will debut on November 18. You can see a gallery of select locations that will be featured on the show on the The Grand Tour website to further whet your appetite ahead of the official launch.

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The Grand Tour – How do you watch it?

Amazon Prime Video

Rumours ran wild about where the the show would land, but we now know it will premiere on Amazon Prime, therefore only being available to those who pay for Amazon’s premium subscription service.

The good news, though, is that Amazon is slashing the price of its Prime membership. In an attempt to gain subscribers and as part of Black Friday, the retail giant is now offering the service at a £20 discount, making it £59.

However, if you’re yet to subscribe and want to watch the show you better move quick. The offer only lasts three days, finishing on Friday 18th November.

GET DEAL: Subscribe to Amazon Prime for just £59

If you want to try the service before paying out there’s a 30-day free trial. However, it’s currently unclear whether this will extend to the new show. We do think it’s unlikely Amazon will impose any restrictions given that it’s trying to promote The Grand Tour, however. Bear in mind though, opting for the free trial now will rule you out of the discounted Prime service.

Amazon is planning on releasing the show on a weekly basis, rather than in Prime’s standard, binge-able, ‘here’s everything at once’ format. Sadly, this means that if you use the trial then opt out, you’ll only be able to watch the first four episodes.

In terms of deals, students can get a 6-month free trial of the Prime service, which if timed correctly will see them through the first series. Once this runs out, students will be eligible to get the service for half price. You can learn more via the link below.

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The Grand Tour – What will the format of the show be?

Amazon has kept its cards close to its chest and little is known about the content of the show, except that it’ll feature multiple countries and studio sections filmed in front of an audience.

You can almost certainly expect similar antics to those that made Top Gear so popular. The number of accidents on set seems to suggest that normality will be resumed, with May breaking an arm, and Clarkson suffering other injuries during filming.

We do, however, have some concrete information on what will happen in the new show – well for the first four episodes at least. Episode one sounds like it’ll be an introduction to the new show, set at Dry Rabbit Lake, California. However, this is well and truly desert territory so there will no doubt be some antics from the trio.

Next, is “Operation Desert Stumble” based in Johannesburg. Here the team will become special forces soldiers and visit a “top secret base” in the Jordanian desert – expect explosions, and lots of ’em.

Next up the show comes to Blighty, where the circus visits Whitby. This episode features the Gentleman’s tour of Italy and a “noisy, unwelcome guest”. Supposedly, both Jimmy Carr and Simon Pegg were seen in Whitby when the show was shooting, so could it be one of them?

The fourth episode is based in Whitby, too. Supposedly, because of a mistake by James May they had to hang around. It sounds like it will still be a good one, though, featuring an ecological challenge – not some Clarkson is known for.

That’s all we know so far about the show’s format, but we’ll be sure to update this article as soon as we learn more.

The Grand Tour – Filming locations

Filming has already happened in Johannesburg, and Clarkson confirmed on Twitter that the show would visit several locations in Europe.

We know that they filmed at the Algarve International Race Track in Portugal back in October, featuring three different supercars, and that the first series will feature South Africa, America, Germany and Yorkshire as well.

Amazon has also confirmed that the show filmed in Nashville, Tennessee, releasing an Amazon music playlist to celebrate. It was also announced that the show will be heading to Lapland for a bit of a wintry fix.

We know that the turbulent trio also filmed on our own shores, at Whitby. Supposedly, more than one episode had to be filmed there as Captain Slow managed to mess up the schedule. We’re sure Jeremy will let everyone know what happened once the programme starts. 

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The Grand Tour – What’s the studio like?

The Grand Tour

There’s not really a studio at all. The show’s live audience segments will be filmed on location in a tent, meaning the new ‘stage’ is much smaller than the Top Gear hanger and will feature windows behind the presenters to show off the different locations.

The live shows have been hugely over-subscribed, with The Grand Tour claiming it could film in the US for the next six months thanks to the number of applications received.

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The Grand Tour – Who else is part of the show?

The Grand Tour

Alongside the infamous Top Gear trio, former Top Gear executive producer and so-called ‘fourth musketeer’ Andy Wilman is also on board.

Guest stars haven’t been named yet, but we’re sure we’ll learn more soon and that the line-up will be suitably high-profile.

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What are you most looking forward to about The Grand Tour? Let us know in the comments below.