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The Galaxy S8 could land sooner than you think


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Samsung's launch of the Galaxy Note 7 hasn't gone quite to plan, with the company having to recall the devices due to faulty batteries.

In some cases, the Note 7 phablets have been reported as catching fire, which led to sales of the phone being halted around the world while the South Korean company replaces faulty units.

Just when sales will resume remains unclear, but the company will undoubtedly suffer financially from the debacle as the handset had only been on sale for two weeks before the global recall was announced.

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Note 7 charred

The Note 7's global launch didn't quite go to plan

Which is why some analysts have suggested Samsung could bring the launch of its next flagship phone forward in order to make up for the losses.

As reported by The Korea Herald, securities firm KB Investment & Securities introduced the idea that Samsung bring forward the release of the, as yet unconfirmed, Galaxy S8.

Of course, Samsung will likely try to regain consumer confidence in the Note 7 through a marketing blitz once the handset goes back on sale.

But releasing the Galaxy S8 early could be a better way to recoup losses and shift focus away from the Note 7 and its explosive tendencies.

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At this point, a sooner-than-thought launch for the S8 is simply speculation and there's been no word from Samsung on whether it's considering the option or not.

But if the company does choose to bring the launch forward, we could see the new handset before next year's Mobile World Congress in February.

Samsung has previously used the event to debut new Galaxy S handsets, as was the case with the Galaxy S7.

This time around, however, an earlier release date certainly looks to be a possibility.

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