The Evil Within 2: Everything we know

After the excellent survival horror experience of the first, Bethesda is releasing The Evil Within 2 later this year. Helmed by industry legend Shinji Mikami, early trailers show an equally tense experience that looks to take things even further.

Here’s everything we know about the game including release date, trailers, gameplay and story info and more.

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What is The Evil Within 2?

Taking place three years after the first game, The Evil Within 2 is a direct sequel to Tango Gameworks’ original experience. Sebastian Castellanos, our smooth-talking protagonist with a suave-looking waistcoat, is back and more grumpy than ever.

The Evil Within 2 release date – When is it coming out?

The Evil Within 2 is coming to PS4, Xbox One and PC on October 13, 2017. October the 13 is Friday the 13th, a perfect launch date for such a spooky title.

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the evil within 2

The Evil Within 2 story – What’s it about?

Years before the events of first game, Sebastian’s daughter, Lily, passed away in a tragic house fire. At least, that’s what he originally thought. The Evil Within 2 follows Sebastian as he travels to the city of Union. With Lily’s mind at the core of its very creation, Union is a mix of claustrophic environments and wide open areas ripe for player exploration. You’ll be expected to delve into this inhumane world to save your daughter from the clutches of evil.

“The story we’ve crafted for you is very compelling,” Executive Producer Shinji Mikami says. “Each stage you’ll delve into is very unique. I hope people enjoy the game, and I encourage everyone to thoroughly explore the world.”

The Evil Within 2 gameplay – How does it play?

With the reveal trailer being predominantly CG, we only caught a small glimpse of The Evil Within 2 in action. However, it seems to play in a similar fashion to the first game with Sebastian Castellanos wielding an assortment of powerful firearms. You can probably expect more than a few terrifying beasties trying to hunt you down, too.

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Taking place in the city of Union, Sebastian will travel between a mixture of real world and supernatural locations in search of answers regarding his daughter’s whereabouts. Your former colleague, Juli Kidman, will be on hand to guide you through treacherous puzzles and hostile enemies. Sebastian will be expected to put his detective skills to good use if he hopes to stand any chance of survivial.

Psychological horror also appears to play a larger role this time around. Much of the fear will stem from the innards of Sebastian’s mind. The original game transported us to some truly demented locations, and Tango Gameworks seems to have upped the ante in several ways. Hopefully the moment-to-moment gameplay is somewhat less clunky this time around.

The Evil Within 2 Trailer

The latest trailer is titled “Survive” and features brand-new gameplay footage.

The Evil Within 2 Pre-Order – What do I get?

Bethesda has announced a special Last Chance Pack for customers who pre-order the game. This will include:

· The Burst Handgun – This exclusive weapon is only available through The Last Chance Pack and uses handgun bullets that can be found or crafted.
· Crafting Supplies – Upgrade your go-to weapon, craft additional ammo, or make traps to incapacitate enemies with these supplies available at the start of your descent into Union.
· Medical Supplies – You’ll need to stay alive to save Lily, and these medical supplies will give you the aid you need to venture deeper into the madness.

The Evil Within 2 – 5 things we’d love to see

Improved performance

Even now, almost 3 years after its original release, The Evil Within still runs at a mediocre level on PS4 and Xbox One. It’s choppy and inconsistent, making much of it unsatisfying to play as a result. The Evil Within 2 needs to offer a more optimized experience if it wants to impress us in 2017. Considering titles such as Uncharted 4 and Horizon Zero Dawn offer a visually stunning adventure at a solid 30fps, Tango Gameworks should have no problem pursuing such a goal. Oh, and for all that is holy, get rid of that obnoxious letterboxing effect.

A more coherent, grounded story

Resident Evil 7 has shown you can combine camp survival horror with a grounded, truly disturbing setting and actually get away with it. Capcom’s latest masterpiece took inspiration from all walks of horror history, cherry-picking the finest parts of gaming and cinema to form a whole that, despite its imitation, crafted its own identity. It also had a cracking story to boot, kickstarting the franchise with a soft reboot that surprised pretty much everyone.

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The Evil Within could certainly benefit from this treatment, albeit with a zany, more lovecraftian approach to its library of horrifying monsters. Sebastian’s tale in the last game was a compelling one constantly held back by a befuddling number of crazy plot twists and nonsensical boss battles. It was cool, but didn’t make a lick of sense. Much of this could be remedied in the sequel, so long as Shinji Mikami is told to behave if he returns as director.

Streamlined upgrade system

While it might have served the narrative well, constantly having to transport back to an imaginary mental hospital to upgrade was a chore in The Evil Within. It would have been much easier simply having the option to do this from the pause menu at any time.

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Or, if it benefits the tension, why not have upgrade stations limited to save rooms, causing us to strategically dish out points depending on the current situation. The Evil Within was chockful of obtuse design decisions, this being one of the worst culprits.

Improved stealth mechanics

During the opening hours of The Evil Within you’re taught how to sneak about and dispatch enemies. Unfortunately, this is hardly ever necessary. It’s way easier to load up on ammo and blow them away than sneaking about like a gun-toting snail. This was worsened by the painfully slow movement speed that made anything other than high-octane combat a chore to achieve. The Evil Within 2 should transform stealth into a legitimate option, offering upgrade paths for different playstyles. Imagine Dishonored 2 or Deus Ex with a sprinkling of demented nightmare creatures and you’re about halfway there.

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Prey on our fears

The wonderful thing about survival horror is how different things startle different people. The Evil Within rarely capitalised upon this. It favoured excessive gore over a gradual slow burn, losing much of its impact before the conclusion. The Evil Within 2 could always theme certain chapters around a wide range of fears.

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Spiders, snakes, heights and creepy little girls who follow you relentlessly. The list is endless, and we’d more than happy to suffer through a virtual ghost train of pervasive horrors.


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