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The Daily Lands In The UK

David Gilbert


The Daily Lands In The UK

While we can understand News Corporation wanting to keep a lowish profile at the moment in the UK - what with the phone hacking scandal and all - but the complete lack of any announcement regarding the availability of The Daily app for iPad in the UK is rather baffling.

While the news that the app is available for UK users in iTunes has only emerged in the press in the past 24 hours, it seems as if readers on this side of the Atlantic have been able to access it for more than a week.

The Daily is an iPad-only newspaper which was launched by Apple and News Corporation seven months ago to great fanfare. Rupert Murdoch said at the launch that he had sunk $30 million into the project before it even launched - a sum which had been written off by News Corp.

It was announced in March that a UK version of the Daily would be coming this summer, however the version available in UK iTunes store at the moment is the original American version.

UK subscribers will be paying 69p-a-day or £27.99-a-year to read all about Sarah Palin’s sexy past, New York fashion week or how the Oakland Raiders outlasted the Denver Broncos. No tales of Cheryl and Ashley, celebrity Big Brother or Boris Johnson’s latest faux-pas here we’re afraid.

Reviews on the UK store so far have been mixed, with Max Wood summing up the prevailing opinion: “I’ve been waiting for this app ever since it was announced in the US. The pricing is great and the design is fantastic but if they want to make any impact on the UK then they're going to have to start a UK edition.”

News Corp has not released how many subscribers it has racked up since launching in February but the iPad-only app has been downloaded around 800,000 times.

We await the UK version which News Corp promised back in March and there are quite a few former News of the World hacks hanging around who might jump at the chance of a new adventure.

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