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The culls continue as Microsoft cuts Photosynth and 3 MSN apps



Microsoft continues to trim the fat, with the firm today announcing it’ll be shutting down a host of mobile apps.

The highest profile casualty is the cross-platform Photosynth app, which will remain up and running, but will no longer be supported or maintained by Microsoft.

Photosynth allows users to create 3D photographic panoramas to share with other users, but will be replaced by the emerging Photosynth Preview Technology.

The company said (via SlashGear): “Today we are announcing that we are retiring the Photosynth mobile apps. We are doing this because the new Photosynth Preview technology and its cloud processing is a more immersive way to capture a place than the spherical panoramas that our apps produce."

Microsoft is encouraging users to upload their panoramas to the Photosynth.net website, which will still be maintained.

Elsewhere, the company is shuttering a trio of its MSN apps for Windows, Windows Phone, iOS and Android.

MSN Food & Drink, MSN Travel and MSN Health & Fitness will all go away before the end of the year. The first two will close on September 28, while the latter disappears on November 1.

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It’s been a big week of cuts for Microsoft with news that 7,800 employees from its smartphone division are heading for the unemployment line. The company is also writing off $7.6 billion of losses relating to its ill-fated purchase of Nokia.

It seems obvious the company is streamlining itself ahead of the all-important roll out of Windows 10, which starts on July 29.

Dead Words

July 10, 2015, 8:28 pm

Microsoft is cutting out what doesn't work.
The new Microsoft Camera is constantly getting new features.
Cortana is taking the place of most of the MSN apps.
I figure Health & Fitness will be incorporated into Microsoft Health.
It's all good.


July 11, 2015, 5:34 pm

The beginning of the end for Microsoft ...

Alex Mason

July 13, 2015, 8:48 am

I don't think so. More like the end of the old Microsoft and the beginning of a new Microsoft. They're getting their house in order and slimming down. I look forward to their what their new found focus will achieve.


July 13, 2015, 11:58 am

You can put it this way if you want, the old being the highest valued technology company in the world whose traditional market is melting away year after year, and the new one that is so far failing to win any significant new market. Definitely nothing big enough to replace the old one.

They've just written off more than $10B investment into mobile phones, $7B being the direct purchase of Nokia phone division and $1B / year in the few years leading to it in payments for Nokia to exclusively use their OS for the last generations of Nokia phones.

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