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‘The car is the ultimate mobile device,’ teases Apple executive


Apple carplay

Apple executive Jeff Williams has perhaps… just perhaps… dropped a major hint the company is indeed planning an expansion into the automotive industry.

When quizzed about the firm’s rumoured interest in building an Apple car, the SVP of Operations Williams simply said: “The car is the ultimate mobile device.”

The comments are among Apple’s first on the matter following a flurry of rumours and a high profile hiring spree of top industry figures from the likes of Mercedes-Benz and Tesla.

Speaking to reporters at the Code Conference on Wednesday, Williams said Apple is “exploring a lot of different markets” with its giant cash reserves.

He said the firm is looking to enter markets “where we think we can make a huge amount of difference” rather than looking at areas where it can amass even more dough.

While far from being confirmation an Apple Car is on the way, the very public tease is sure to get tongues wagging once again. The comments were made during a discussion on CarPlay and its potential, but they’re bound to fuel speculation something bigger is in play.

Since February this year rumours have claimed Apple is planning to take on Tesla with an electric car. The firm is set to have hundreds of employees working on the scheme, which is rumoured to be codenamed Titan.

What do you think? Are Williams’ comments innocent enough? Or are they the first public indications Elon Musk and co. might soon have a little more company. Earlier this month Musk said he 'hopes' Apple comes along for the ride. Is he about to get his wish?


May 28, 2015, 8:20 am

I know for one that I would not purchase a car if it was equipped with apple tech let alone a car made by apple.

I do not believe anyone should be forced to purchase proprietary phones or even the car itself just to use the cars electronic features which could include safety features too. This is an awful thing.

It does not not surprise me with apple if they do attempt this due to their walk on water arrogance and ultimate greed they flaunt. Of course this is all speculation but I am just basing my future worries if it does go down this path.

The sensible outcome of the future would be to simply have a car that the customer has the ability to choose what in car tech provider they want to use. So all cars have multiple providers built in and you can decide which you want to use, then that would be a good thing.

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