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Tesco Offering Free Online Versions Of DVDs

David Gilbert


Tesco blinkbox

Tesco is hoping to ‘revolutionise’ the way people purchase films by giving them a free online version of the film when they purchase the physical DVD or Blu-ray in the shop.

Last April, Tesco announced that it had taken an 80 per cent stake in the UK-based video-on-demand service, blinkbox. Now it has finally revealed how the services will be integrated, and revealed that the first film to be available when the service launches tomorrow (2 December) will be the final part of the Harry Potter saga.

The service is only available to Clubcard members who will have to link their Clubcard account with a blinkbox account to avail of the service. The new scheme won’t include all DVDs or Blu-rays in Tesco stores with the rest of the 26 launch titles a little less enticing, including The Smurfs, Space Dogs and Celebrity Juice: Too Juicy for TV (just how juicy can it be?)

Tesco blinkbox

Once customers have purchased the DVDs or Blu-rays with their Clubcards in-store or online, then they will be able to access them from the cloud on a number of platforms. Currently blinkbox can be accessed via your PC, Mac, connected TVs from LG and Samsung, PS3 and the company is promising that support for the Xbox 360 and iPad is coming next month.

Richard Brasher, CEO, Tesco UK said: “This innovation with blinkbox will help start a digital revolution, combining the physical with the digital for the first time. Starting with the magic of Harry Potter, there will be many more great titles to follow for customers to enjoy online wherever and whenever they like.”

Tesco blinkbox

We do like the idea of getting an online version of a film we already own and it's something that we felt studios should have been doing for a long time now. However the Tesco/blinkbox service, at the moment does seem a little limited, thanks to the meagre range of titles available. That said, the idea of being able to stream a film on your iPAd on the same day as it’s released on DVD is certainly an attractive proposition.

Let us know in the comments what you think of the new Tesco service and if you’ll be signing up for a Clubcardjust to access your films online.

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