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TEAC Announces Mini Aurb - Adds DAB

David Gilbert


TEAC SR-80iDAB Mini-Aurb

Last October we looked at and were seriously impressed with the rather crazy/baffling/gorgeous SR-100i iPod/iPhone speaker dock and now TEAC has announced a slimmed-down version of same – the SR-80iDAB Mini Aurb.

The slimmed down Mini Aurb (pronounced Orb) from TEAC retains the curved tactile design but in a much more compact package (400 x 215 x 160mm) compared to its bigger brother. Of course the biggest advantage for those unable to afford the £250 price of the Aurb, is the £149.99 price point for the Mini Aurb. The Mini Aurb is available in a range of colour combinations including: black/silver; grey/silver and red/silver. Of course the lack of DAB in the original speaker was a bit of an oversight from TEAC and this has been rectified with the Mini Aurb – as well as including an FM radio. As well as giving you the advantage of charging your iDevice when docked, the supplied remote with the Mini-Aurb gives you full control of the device, including the selection of Playlists, artists and albums. There is also a composite video port at the rear to allow you connect it up to a TV to watch video.

TEAC SR-80iDAB Mini-Aurb

Sound quality is taken care of with a 30 Watt (2 x 15) amplifier and features TEAC’s proprietary MAXX AUDIO DSP bass enhancement system. This technology creates a “natural sound curve at the lower frequency range without producing any distortion and maximises the potential of the speaker driver.” TEAC claim the result is that the SR-80iDAB produces bass frequencies that belie its compact size. There are 30 preset DAB and FM channels and a USB port to allow for playback of MP3 and WMA files. Again you could argue it would have been nice for more wide-ranging codec support – such as AAC - but it’s a minor quibble. Also included are RCA sockets on the rear to connect external analogue devices. The Mini-Aurb is compatible with the following iPhones and iPods: iPhone 4, iPhone 3GS, iPhone 3G, iPhone, iPod Touch (1st, 2nd and 3rd generation), iPod Classic, iPod Nano (2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th generation).

We certainly welcome the addition of the Mini-Aurb to the TEAC line up and if it continues the excellent performance of the original, it could be a very attractive piece of kit.

Source: TEAC

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