Super Smash Bros Switch release date, trailers, gameplay and all the latest news

Super Smash Bros has become a staple of Nintendo platforms ever since the Nintendo 64. The latest offering on Wii U was arguably the best we’ve seen yet, bringing with it a truly staggering roster of fighters, it’s since been supported by downloadable content to keep hardened fans welded to their controllers.

Whether it ends up being an enhanced port of the existing version or an all-new experience, Super Smash Bros feels like an inevitable part of the Nintendo Switch library.

Super Smash Bros Switch News

Nintendo has quietly rolled out Gamecube Controller support for Nintendo Switch, now available through a system software update. You can simply insert the adaptor used with Wii U and it should work without any issues.

Considering how heavily the peripherals were used with Super Smash Bros Wii U, we have a feeling Nintendo has a few surprises in store for the hybrid console.

Super Smash Bros Switch release date – When is it coming out?

With Splatoon 2, Super Mario Odyssey and Xenoblade Chronicles 2 rounding up the Switch’s 2017 offerings, we might not be seeing anything from Smash Bros until 2018.

There is a good chance it will surface before the end of 2017. Nintendo seldom holds back when it comes to showing off its new palette of games.

Super Smash Bros Switch – 5 things we’d love see

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1) One huge bundle

If Super Smash Bros Switch is simply a fancy port of the previous iteration, we’d love to have all the downloadable content bundled in for no extra cost. Bayonetta, Lucas, Ryu and even Final Fantasy VII’s Cloud have been incorporated since release, and they’re all brilliant.

In many ways, this could be a GOTY treatment for Smash Bros that we simply don’t see from the company. Nintendo has the opportunity to refine some of the rough edges while providing us with excellent value for money.

2) The return of story mode

Super Smash Bros Brawl’s Adventure Mode, otherwise known as The Subspace Emissary, was kind of awesome. It thrust all of our favourite Nintendo characters into an interwoven narrative that felt utterly bonkers in so many ways. Despite combining an endless array of different locations and characters, it rarely broke away from the fast-paced action that made the series so appealing.

Sadly, it was nowhere to be seen in the 2014 iteration. Instead, we were left to grind the arcade mode in pursuit of in-game achievements that themselves offered unique rewards. The Switch needs to bring this back, and make it better than ever.

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3) New fighters

During the last console generation, Nintendo gave fans the opportunity to vote for the characters they’d love to see debut in Smash Bros. Bayonetta and Cloud were the evident result of this, showing that the tried-and-true gaming giant is more than willing to take a few unorthodox risks.

We want to see more outside the box fighters debut on Switch, lending the roster an aura of unpredictability alongside its already bustling variety. Nintendo’s plethora of universes are growing constantly, so there’s no telling what heroes and villains could take to the ring next.

Our personal picks would be Solid Snake, Waluigi, Fire Emblem’s Chrom and the one and only John Cena. That last one totally wasn’t a joke.

4) More stages

Super Smash Bros for Wii U and 3DS had a LOT of stages. The number of established and niche properties represented throughout Nintendo’s brawler was a sight to behold. But, as with its roster, there are still some environments we’ve yet to duke it out in.

5) Improved challenges

This wish is definitely more for completionists than anyone else, but you can never have enough challenges so long as they provide satisfying rewards. Smash Bros has done just that in the past, so why stop now?

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What’s on your wish list for Super Smash Bros on Nintendo Switch? Let us know on social media.