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Super Mario Odyssey – Everything we know so far


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Mario fans are eagerly awaiting the perky plumber’s next full-blown 3D adventure. Super Mario 3D World was brilliant fun, but didn’t quite capture the magic of Galaxy 1 and 2.

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That all changes with Super Mario Odyssey, the Italian plumber's Nintendo Switch debut that gives the Mushroom Kingdom a modern twist with all new environments and mechanics. We even see our hero walk amongst real people, which is really creepy for some reason.

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We've compiled everything you need to know about Super Mario Odyssey. Be sure to bookmark this page for future updates.

What is Super Mario Odyssey?

Produced by Yoshiaki Koizumi, the director of Super Mario Sunshine and Super Mario Galaxy, Odyssey is the next major 3D Mario adventure developed by Nintendo. First revealed by the company during the Nintendo Switch press conference, it is being developed exclusively for the platform.

Kitting out Mario with all new skills and abilities, including a weaponised hat that can also be used as a platform, Odyssey is pushing the iconic franchise to ambitious new heights. The best part - it’s coming out this year.

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super mario odyssey

Super Mario Odyssey release date – When is it coming out?

Nintendo announced during its recent Nintendo Switch Presentation that Super Mario Odyssey is scheduled to launch in Winter 2017.

No specific release date has been confirmed as yet.

Super Mario Odyssey gameplay – how does it play?

Odyssey adopts the same sandbox-style gameplay from Super Mario 64 and Super Mario Sunshine, providing players with an ample hub world to explore in-between creative new stages. Odyssey’s range of expansive areas can be traversed using a magical airship, taking our unlikely hero further than he’s ever been before. Of course, this will also be supported by the iconic platforming finesse we’ve come to love, along with fun new mechanics.

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One of the more prominent new additions in Oddysey is the transformation of Mario’s red hat, which can now be thrown at enemies and used as an impromptu platform when traversing to precarious new heights. It even has a set of eyes, which is both kinda creepy and really cute. How much this will factor into the moment-to-moment gameplay is unclear, but it’ll likely work as power-ups did in previous games. Think of it as Cat Mario or a Super Mushroom.

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One of the first locations we see is New Donk City, a bustling metropolis filled with yellow taxis and busy commuters. Mario looks hilariously out of place as he launches off car bonnets and swings across streetlights, yet it’s charming to see our cartoonish plumber plunged into such a realistic environment. Well, for Mario anyway. From there we see a dusty western town, exotic forests and gorgeous gem-filled expanses. As we said before, all of these can be reached by using your trusty airship.

During the reveal trailer Mario can be seen walking into a hat store, so it’s safe to assume that many of his powers will be tied to the use of different headwear. Previous Mario titles have relied on mechanical staples such as this, so it’d be great to see Mario’s wardrobe of fabulous hats fleshed out to perform different tasks and attacks. It would also explain its prominence in the game’s logo artwork.

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super mario odyssey

Super Mario Odyssey trailers – How does it look?

First revealed during the Nintendo Switch Presentation in January 2017, we saw a healthy chunk of Super Mario Oddysey gameplay in the reveal trailer.

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Super Mario Odyssey is bound to be one of the biggest games on Holiday 2017. Are you excited? Let us know in the comments below.


April 2, 2017, 7:49 pm

This looks even better than MARIO GALAXY.

Gaming With Noah

May 17, 2017, 10:25 am

Let me think about something...
If the game will be released in Winter 2017 and Nintendo only releases their games on Fridays (for their retailers), then the release date will be...
December 22nd, 2017. That's one day before my birthday.

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