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Stunning new Oppo R7 leaks show off bezel-less design


oppo r7

You may recognise the phone in the picture above. That’s because it’s leaked before, and isn’t a handset you’d forget in a hurry.

New images of the as-yet-unannounced Oppo R7 have surfaced online, all but confirming the existence of the stunning device.

The most obvious talking point is the incredible edge-to-edge display. Smartphone manufacturers have been trying to do away with big, bad bezels for a while now, but have so far only really succeeded in making them a tiny bit smaller.

The R7, however, appears to almost have done away with them completely, though GSMArena claims that Oppo makes use of “clever light diffraction, which makes it seem like the display panel extends further sideways than it actually does.”

While the effect is no doubt beautiful from a visual standpoint, a bezel-less design could potentially be a pain to use, since it would likely make it easier to accidentally touch the screen with the body of your hand.

Rumours suggest that the Oppo R7 will have a super-slim body too, measuring in at just 4.85mm thick. That’s the same size frame as the Oppo R5, which scored a mediocre 6/10 in our review.

The R7 is also believed to run on a 64-bit, octa-core MediaTek MT6795 processor, and feature an impressive-sounding 20.7-megapixel primary camera.

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Earlier this week the Huawei P8 was unveiled with a ‘frameless’ screen, a design trait passed across to its big brother, the Huawei P8 Max.

Another handset to have championed streamlined bezels is the LG G3, with the Korean manufacturer expected to take the thin-edged form along to the upcoming LG G4.

Matt Thompson

April 18, 2015, 5:28 am

I always have, and always will, be baffled by everyone who insists on thinner phones with no bezels. I finally upgraded to an HTC One M8 and the thing was so thin that wouldn't pull it out of my pocket until I got from the store where I bought it to the store at the other end of the mall to put an Otterbox on it. And if there were no bezels at all, many slides and other gestures would be impossible to reach with a solid case installed. People want t pretty and cutting edge, and don't care about practicality one iota. I guess that explains the Apple Watch too, huh?

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