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Stranger Things Season 2 Release Date and Trailers – What you need to know


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Netflix has announced the instant classic Stranger Things original series is coming back for a second season.

The nostalgic, 80s-inspired sci-fi thriller starring Winona Ryder will return in 2017, with Variety reporting a nine-episode run is in the works, one more than the first season.

The second season will be a continuation of the original’s plotline - which focused on the disappearance of a young boy in the small town who’s friends are assisted in the search by a telekinetic girl - rather than showcase a new story.

All of the show runners, including Matt and Ross Duffer, who created, wrote and directed the first season are back.

You can see the teaser trailer from Netflix below, which proclaims “In the fall of 1984, the adventure continues.”

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The first series was set in November 1983, so it appears like we’ll be joining the proceedings in Hawkins, Indiana a year on.

As yet there’s no confirmed release date for the new season, but it appears preparations have been underway for “quite some time” according to Variety’s sources.

The first season was viewed by 14.4 million people in the five weeks follwiing its launch on Netflix in mid-July.

Can the second season possibly live up to all of the hype? Share your thoughts int he comments section below.

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