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Stephen Elop says ‘possibilities are endless’ as Nokia is acquired by Microsoft

Luke Johnson


Stephen Elop
Stephen Elop

As Nokia confirms its takeover by Microsoft has been completed, the Finnish manufacturer’s outgoing CEO Stephen Elop has suggested the “possibilities are endless” for the company.

Despite Microsoft having acquired Nokia’s Devices and Services business, as well as a number of the company’s mobile-based patents and trademarks, Elop has claimed Nokia will remain “your go-to choice” for mobile devices.

Speaking in an open letter as the takeover was finalised, Elop remained optimistic on Nokia’s future and its new place within Microsoft.

“From today onwards, the possibilities are endless,” he said. “As now, we’re one.”

He added: “At our core, we are passionate about building technology that will change the world. From the early vision of Microsoft of placing a PC in every home and on every desk, to Nokia connecting billions of people through mobile devices, we have empowered generations.

“Whether you want to read more, capture more, watch more, listen more or get more done, Nokia mobile devices have been and are your go-to choice.

“As Microsoft and Nokia Devices and Services come together as an expanded family, we will unify our passion, dedication and commitment to bringing you the best of what our joint technologies have to offer.

“Together, we can connect and empower people with one experience for everything in their life in a world where it is mobile first and cloud first.”

The completion of the Nokia takeover by Microsoft was confirmed earlier today, with the final sale fee sais to have exceeded €5.44 billion (£4.48bn).

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April 25, 2014, 8:48 pm

I have a soft spot for Mr. Elop. Things did not go swimmingly at Nokia, even though they did make some great devices he was put in the tough position of having to wait until Windows Phone matured into something that merits serious consideration from ALL users, not just those who are already invested into the MS ecosystem. Glad to see he is going to be a part of things at Microsoft and I am really looking forward to what they bring to the table under 'Microsoft Mobile'!

Prem Desai

April 26, 2014, 2:16 pm

Microsoft (THE software company) and Nokia (THE mobile company) make a helluva combination.

I hope they do it justice and develop a platform that raises the game and frees us from the iOS and Android nonsense we are having to put up with at present ...!!


April 26, 2014, 6:15 pm

The Trojan Horse said: "Once we got in the possibilities are endless!"

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