Steam Winter Sale offers – Deal of the Day

Valve has launched the Steam Winter Sale 2014 offering PC gamers some great deals for the Holiday season.

We’ll help you out by highlighting the best deals of the day in the Steam Winter Sale, but you can head there yourself via the Steam Store.

Today’s best deal is for GTA 4 released back in March. The game is going for just £4.99, down from it’s original RRP of £19.99.

That’s a discount of 63 per cent on the From Software title. Buy it now from Steam.

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Another great deal is for Saint’s Row 4, which was released in September 2013.

Civ: Beyond Earth is now £16.99 down from £4.24, meaning a saving of 75 per cent on the RRP.

Other 48 hour deals on the Steam include:

  • Endless Legend – now £13.49 from £26.99 Buy now
  • Chivalry: Medieval Warfare – now £3.79 from £18.99 Buy now
  • Outlast – now £3.74 from £14.99 Buy now
  • Train Simulator 2015 – now £5.24 from £34.99 Buy now
  • The Walking Dead Season 2 – now £4.74 from £18.99 Buy now
  • Extreme Legends: Dynasty Warriors 8 – now £13.59 from £39.99 Buy now
  • The Escapists – now £4.24 from £16.99 Buy now

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