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8 hilarious Battlefront beta wins and fails


Star Wars Battlefront]

As the Star Wars Battlefront beta draws to a close, we take a moment to reflect upon some of the more memorable moments to come out of the experience.

1. Do or do not – there is no try

What do you do when lasers won’t get the job done? This determined pilot, facing defeat, knew exactly what he had to do...

2. You underestimate the power of the dark side

Ah, the sacred art of teabagging. We’ve all been there, whether as victim or perpetrator. But we’ve never seen a more beautifully orchestrated mass TB fest than this. The way Darth coolly walks away while his army of eager baggers descends makes this an instant Battlefront beta classic.

3. Things get weird

Ironing out the bugs is precisely what the beta testing phase is all about. In this instance, however, the comedy glitches make up for the game’s graphical failures as Darth and Luke struggle to battle rapidly shapeshifting versions of one another.

4. Impressive. Most Impressive

There’s a reason it’s cool to play as the heroes, and no better is this exemplified than in this festival of carnage carried out by the evil Lord Vader. The sheer coolness of this moment is one of the reasons we can’t wait for the full game to arrive.

5. I’ve got a bad feeling about this

Playing tactically is a great way to approach the Battlefront challenge. Just ensure that between careful maneuvers you take time to look behind you. The way Darth Vader calmly spanks this oblivious soldier out of existence with his lightsaber proves the point quite nicely we feel.

6. Great kid, don’t get cocky

Commanding the dark side of the force can become difficult at times, especially when you set out to unleash evil only to be foiled in the most unlikely way...

7. I find your lack of skill disturbing

It's clear EA has tried to bring some film accuracy to Battlefront as this witless AI Stormtrooper demonstrates. At least we hope this is an AI – otherwise, this player may need to consider whether they really want to shell out £50 on launch day if this is any indication of their skill.

8. Your focus determines your reality

This hero of the rebel alliance knew exactly what was needed to claim victory – and took no time in taking one for the team.

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We’d like to thank all those brave Star Wars Battlefront soldiers that died in order for these moments to become a reality. No doubt more awesomeness awaits when the game finally launches on 17 November.

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