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Standalone Xbox One Kinect goes on sale in October

Sam Loveridge


Xbox One Kinect
Xbox One Kinect

Microsoft has confirmed a standalone Xbox One Kinect sensor will go on sale on October 7.

When the Kinect-free Xbox One was launched in May, Microsoft promised it would launch a standalone version of the motion gaming accessory for those looking to purchase it at a later date.

“We’ve always believed in the magic Kinect brings to Xbox One and today we’re excited to confirm that, beginning in October 7, fans will be able to purchase a standalone Kinect sensor for Xbox One”, reads the Xbox Wire post.

The device will launch with an asking price of $149.99 (approx. £90), which is $50 (approx. £30) less than Kinect for Windows v2.

But you won’t just get the Kinect sensor. With every purchase you’ll get a free copy of Dance Central Spotlight, the successor to the 2012 Dance Central 3.

Despite Xbox One sales rising after the launch of the Kinect-free iteration, which was done in an attempt to price match the better selling PS4, Microsoft is still committed to its original Kinect-focused message.

“Xbox One is better with Kinect, making games, TV and entertainment come alive with premium experiences.”

Outside of game specific features found in titles like Kinect Sports Rivals or Project Spark, you can use voice commands to navigate your Xbox One with the Kinect sensor.

Using phrases like “Xbox On”, “Xbox Record That” or “Xbox Broadcast”, you can quickly do things like record and broadcast your gameplay footage, search with Bing or make Skype calls without having to touch the controller.

There’s no UK pricing for the standalone Xbox One Kinect sensor, but we’ll keep you posted nearer the October 7 release date.

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Kulti Vator

August 27, 2014, 8:58 pm

Microsoft seriously need to give gamers more reasons to actually want a Kinect sensor for their Xbox One. Considering this is the biggest differentiator and arguably the element of the Xbox One with the most potential to offer genuinely unique gaming experiences, I have been totally underwhelmed by the Kinect-enabled software launched so far during this new generation of consoles.

Kinect Sports Rivals and Dance Central Spotlight are not enough to warrant an Xbox One / Kinect purchase - and with these consoles now approaching their first brithdays, I'm beginning to think this might be the first console generation for years where I'll just sit it out with a PC and tablet as my primary gaming devices.


August 28, 2014, 5:28 am

CeX sell them for £20 and have done for months. The vast majority of them are brand new with the wrapping still on!

I am unanimous in that

August 28, 2014, 8:48 am

Think you might be right with going PC route. Just upgraded my PC with a decent graphic card and impressed so far.

Fairly disappointed with my Xbox One so far, lack of AAA games etc and totally underwhelmed by Kinect. You'd be daft to pick this up if Microsoft think they can charge £100+ for it.

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