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Spotify Says Hello To The iPod

David Gilbert


Spotify Says Hello To The iPod

Spotify has been listening to its customers and launched an updated version of its desktop and mobile applications to allow users to sync their playlists with their iPods, iPhones and Android devices.

Until now, only premium users have been able to bring their playlists from Spotify with them but with this update everyone will be able to sync their iPods with the playlists on their desktop - which could mean the need to use iTunes is drastically reduced. Now, when you connect your iDevice or Android handset to your PC or Mac you will see them show up in the new ‘Devices’ section of the Spotify sidebar. However this is only one of the two major innovations being rolled out by Spotify as it will now also let users purchase tracks via its new Spotify download service.

The new music store will allow customers to purchase whole playlists with just one click and offer bundles of 10 tracks for £7.99, or 80p-per-track, or bundles of 100 tracks for 50p-per-track. Again this will throw up a challenge to iTunes undercutting the price of tracks available on its service. A further innovation which iTunes does not offer is the ability to wireless sync playlists to your iPhone or iPod touch. The update will be rolled out to all users automatically from today and this will only make the already popular service even more popular. Latest figures show that there are currently 10 million registered users with 1 million subscribers.

Spotify has been working on this service for over a year following huge demand from customers for such a system and as a result other things have been put on the back burner – possibly including the expansion into the US which has been much delayed. Speaking about this, a Spotify spokesperson said: “We're still working hard on that. We're getting closer."

In the meantime this latest addition to the service will worry Apple as it could signal a move away from the need to use iTunes for organising your music on your iPod and could make them introduce their music streaming service a little quicker.

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May 4, 2011, 4:05 pm

I'm hoping that Spotify will update the iOS app so that it works better with the iPad. Can't be that difficult surely? Perhaps the number of potential users doesn't warrant the effort?


May 5, 2011, 12:22 am

No mention of Android in the title?

This sounds like a much bigger deal for Android given Google's failure to provide a decent syncing option for the masses.

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