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Spotify Turns Into "Music Platform" - With Apps

David Gilbert


Spotify Turns Into "Music Platform" - With Apps

Spotify held its first major press conference in New York to announce that it was turning into a “music platform” and opening itself up to developers to produce apps to complement its music streaming service.

The apps will be free and available to both Premium and free users of the service. The apps will allow Spotify users to share, find and get more in depth knowledge about the music they are listening to.

The apps will only be available on desktop versions of the Spotify app initially and will allow users to read reviews of music they are listening, see lyrics on-screen as they listen and buy concert tickets directly from within Spotify.

At the presentation, Daniel Ek, CEO and co-founder of Spotify, showed off some of the apps, which are accessed from App Finder on the left hand side of the interface. The Rolling Stone app shows album recommendations from writers at the magazine as well as playlists like the top 100 guitarists of all time.

Songkick will allow users to find concerts being played by their favourite artists in their locality, see previous set lists and purchase tickets directly from within Spotify. The tunewiki app will show users the lyrics if you want to sing along while listeding to your tunes.

Ek said that Spotify will open up its JavaScript API to all developers allowing them to create new HTML5 apps and that in the future these apps will become integrated into the mobile versions of Spotify.

As well as the new apps, Spotify has also made some other tweaks to the UI. Along the right hand side, you can now add your 'favourite' friends rather than just seeing everyone and another section on the right will let you see what people are listening to right now – which is very similar to the new Facebook design.

Spotify, which launched in the US a couple of months ago, now has 10 million subscribers – seven million of which have joined since September, when Spotify linked up with Facebook.

Of the 10m subscribers, 2.5m are paying customers and between them, they have created 500m playlists.

Are you rather disappointed with the new app platform from Spotify or do you think it will add to your listening pleasure? Let us know in the comments.

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