Spotify Demos Android App

Even more exciting than the iPhone edition thanks to a killer new feature...

There was a sharp intake of breath when we caught the first Spotify iPhone app in February but with Apple’s notorious App Store regulations perhaps Android is the more realistic bet…

Today the innovative streaming music company has shown off its first Spotify Android app and despite being described as “very much still a work in progress” it takes the features seen on the iPhone version to the next level.

The key difference in this latest demo is the addition of an Offline mode which allows users to store tracks in advance for times when there is either poor or no signal available (London Underground high five). Furthermore playlists between desktop and mobile user profiles synchronise over the air (OTA) meaning whenever you make an change on one platform it is reflected almost instantly on the other. Nifty.

In an attempt to temper wild celebration Spotify warns: “To head off the inevitable questions, we don’t have any more details on when it will be available, etc. Also, this isn’t the only mobile app we’re working on, so stay tuned to this space for all sorts of cool stuff in the future.”

Windows Mobile is thought to be the next target for Spotify’s attention and if Apple doesn’t loosen up its approval process it may well be gifting the ultimate iPhone/iTunes killer app to its rivals…

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