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Spotify Cuts Amount Of Free Music Available

David Gilbert


Spotify Cuts Amount Of Free Music Available

Spotify is pretty great. Whether you’re paying a subscription or happy to put up with a few ads every now and then for free music, most people who use the service are content. News today however that Spotify plans on halving the amount of free music you can listen to every month will certainly upset a lot of the non-paying members.

The announcement came today on Spotify’s blog which detailed how things are going to change. For users who signed up before 1 November last year (six months ago), from 1 May they will be limited to listening to 10 hours of music a month (half the previous 20 hours) and only be able to listen to one track, five times. For new users this limited usage will only kick in after six months. The changes will obviously anger a lot of users and already on the comment section of its blog, users are venting ire with geekermo saying: “Bye bye Spotify” and vanderdecken adding: “Ah well, it was nice while it lasted. That's me over to Grooveshark/YouTube/piracy. Which is a shame, because Spotify had by far the best features and interface."

While non-paying users will obviously see this as a move towards getting everyone to pay for the service, Spotify has denied this. Ken Parks, Spotify's chief content officer, told the BBC: "Our chief priority is to keep the free service, which is what has made Spotify so popular. We're a company whose ambition is to offer all the world's music to everyone which means growing the business and our user base to many times its current size. Everything we do is designed to ensure our users continue to have access to an amazing free experience."

Last month Spotify passed the one million paying subscribers mark but that still leaves over 5.5 million non-paying subscribers, most of whom Spotify say use the service to “discover music - on average over 50 new tracks per month, even after a year." But it added that while it believes the new limits will be enough for most people, it added: "For anyone who thinks they might reach these limits, we hope you'll consider checking our our Unlimited and Premium services."

We’re not sure how many people this cut will affect but if you’re a Spotify user let us know whether these new limits will affect you or make you consider paying for the Premium or Unlimited services.

Source: Spotify

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