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Facebook And Spotify To Make Beautiful Music

David Gilbert


Facebook Spotify

We’ve seen some strange collaborations lately (Skype and Microsoft anyone) but a reported deal between Spotify and Facebook is one which, on the face of it, seems like a very good idea.

A report in Forbes magazine quotes sources familiar with the deal who say things could be wrapped up in a matter of weeks. Of course the deal would only be able to work in countries where Spotify operates which at the moment excludes the rather large market of the United States. The service is currently being tested and when launched would see a Spotify icon appear on the left hand side of your newsfeed, along with the usual icons for photos and events. Once clicked, Spotify will be installed on your desktop if you don’t have it already and will then allow you to play Spotify’s database of millions of songs through Facebook. Where things get interesting though is the reported ability to listen to a track at the same time as one of your friends - bringing a whole new level of social interaction to listening to music.

Spotify on Facebook

According to the sources, a name for the service has not yet been decided upon with the two choices currently under consideration being Facebook Music and Spotify on Facebook. There is of course already a certain amount of Facebook integration in the Spotify service with Facebook Connect allowing users to share music with their friends and see what others are listening to. As we said at the beginning, this tie up would seem like a logical one to us. On the one hand, it will bring Spotify to a whole new audience. With 600 million users, Facebook’s user base is considerably bigger than Spotify’s 10 million registered users. Of course Spotify would not be available to a huge amount of this audience at the start, but with Spotify reportedly close to tying up deals with record labels in the States, it could soon be available to many more people. For Facebook, the tie up would also make sense, giving them a music service to compliment the movie rental service they rolled out in March and make them a more complete media hub.

While this is still all speculation, it seems like one of the stories which has a chance of actually coming to fruition and users in the UK and Europe will be the ones to get access to the service first for once.

Source: Forbes

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