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Sony ‘very pleased’ to have avoided Microsoft’s Kinect woes

Luke Johnson


PlayStation Camera

With Microsoft having been forced to backtrack on its decision to bundle Kinect as a mandatory Xbox One peripheral, Sony has stated it is ‘very pleased’ to have avoided a similar pitfall.

Despite the Xbox One having originally hit retailers with a boxed Kinect in tow, a high price point and low sales figures saw the American manufacturer rethink its standpoint. Having cut the motion-tracking peripheral from the equation, the Xbox One has been brought in line with the PS4’s £349 price tag.

Now, speaking with TrustedReviews, Sony has reiterated its relief at having taken the correct gamble in whether or not to bundle its PS4 with a PlayStation camera.

“We are pleased that the PlayStation Camera is a significant part of the mix without having to over force it in any way,” Fergal Gara, Managing Director of Sony Computer Entertainment UK told us out at E3 2104.

Questioned on his views on Microsoft's change of heart he added: "We are very pleased with the decision we made, going back some time now, to make it an optional accessory. For the player that was a gamer focused decision.”

Although not bundling the PlayStation Camera, Sony highlighted the success of the optional add-on during its E3 press conference earlier this week, an achievement reiterated by the company’s UK head.

“I am not terribly surprised [with how well the PlayStation Camera] has performed. It is just a healthy, additional peripheral sale,” Gara told us.

Although Sony will not discuss exact PlayStation Camera sales, the reality is that the company is struggling to meet demand for the accessory.

“It is performing roughly in line with my expectations and little ahead of global expectations and hence we have a little bit of lag on supply and a bit of catch up to do,” Gara said.

He added: “It does add some value for the gamer but not everyone needs it. Well, nobody needs it but it does add some value and there are new examples coming down the line that will add even more value.”

Despite currently limited user cases, moving forward a PlayStation Camera will be required in order to make use of Sony’s upcoming Virtual Reality headset, Project Mophius.

Gara stated: “As Andy [Sony Computer Entertainment President and CEO, Andrew House] covered quite well, you do require it for Project Mophius and that is a product that is in the pipeline and very exciting.

“It [PlayStation Camera] already has a foothold which makes it easier to introduce a product like Mophius.”

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Kulti Vator

June 12, 2014, 4:38 pm

Shouldn't that be "Morpheus", rather than "Mophius"?


June 13, 2014, 12:08 am

Are they very pleased that they have no games for their ps4 and are headed for bankruptcy ? I am very pleased to have a kinect and more pleased to have great exclusives to play on my xbox one !


June 13, 2014, 1:51 am

Apparently PS4's stronger hardware, ~3.5 million sales lead, large number of 1st party developers, more games, and more developer support have microsoft fanboys extremely upset, causing them to spread lies and hatred. Thankfully everyone is ignoring these children and buying PS4s like hotcakes anyway.

8+ million PS4s and counting. Nothing you say will stop it, you are helpless. Keep lying and hating while everyone else ignores you.

It's good to know you're completely wrong and raging against facts and reality, and nothing you say will happen. You are clearly ill hating a corporation and pieces of plastic.

PS4 will have the graphics advantage the entire gen. PS4 hardware and software will outsell Xbox globally the entire gen. PS4 will have more dev support and more 1st party games the entire gen. Sony still has a large number of 1st party studios and they're all working on PS4 games. PS4 will make a net profit, Sony won't go bankrupt.

You are clearly malicious and here to spread your hatred of PS4/Sony and spread lies. You have a negative value whereever you post. Nothing you say is remotely constructive or factual.

PS4 games not on Xbox One revealed at E3 2014: LittleBigPlanet 3, Entwined, Bloodborne, The Talos Principle, Let It Die, Rachet & Clank, Infamous First Light, Kingdom Under Fire 2 and tons of indie games. No Man's Land, Grim Fandango, and ABZU timed exclusive.

For the rest of 2014 PS4 has the best visuals on every AAA multiplatform console game, TLOU Remake, Driveclub, LittleBigPlanet 3, Infamous First Light, Oddworld, Natural Doctrine, Tropico 5, Guilty Gear Xrd, Samurai Warriors 4, and other indie games (Hohokum, Entwined, Helldivers, Guns Up!, etc.)

PS4 has the superior visuals on all console AAA multiplats, more dev support including indies, a large number of first party studios, free to play games and MMOs like FFXIV and War Thunder, and unannounced 1st party games. Titanfall 2 and future 3rd party games will almost certainly be on PS4.

1st-2nd party studios include Media Molecule, Quantic Dream, Guerilla Games, Sony London, Bend, San Diego, SOE, Santa Monica, Polyphony Digital, Naughty Dog, Japan Studio, Ready at Dawn, Evolution Studios, etc.

PS4 games not on Xbox One: Killzone, inFamous Second Son, Dynasty Warriors 8, Final Fantasy XIV, War Thunder, DC Universe, Yakuza Isshin and other Japanese games, MLB 14 The Show, Bound by Flame, Injustice Gods Among Us, Knack, Natural Doctrine, Transistor, Uncharted, Planetside 2, Dragon Ball Z, MotoGP, Deep Down, Driveclub, The Last of Us, The Witness, The Order, LittleBigPlanet 3, Bloodborne, Let It Die, Rachet & Clank, and a ton of indies including Resogun, Rime, Transistor, etc.

Prem Desai

June 14, 2014, 12:17 pm

Very immature of Fergal to be making such statements. It not like Sony haven't screwed up ever or anything.

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