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Sony Vaio Z Pictures Leaked

David Gilbert


Sony Vaio Z Series

Sony has been very quiet lately about its slim Vaio Z Series of laptops, having removed them from its online shop a couple of months ago and given no indication of when a replacement is coming. Now leaked images purpot to show the refreshed Z Series in all its glory.

Back in May, Sony launched the redesigned Vaio S Series which many thought was going to replace the Z Series in Sony’s stable of laptops, but the Japanese company claimed otherwise without giving an indication when we will be seeing the Z Series again. Now images have emerged which claim to show two versions of the Vaio Z – black and gold – accompanied by a mysterious unit housed in an external dock. From the pictures, the unit appears to be an optical drive of some sort though no exact details about what it will do or if it will be an added extra, are available. From these pictures, the unknown periperial seems to be the most exciting thing about the ‘newly designed’ Z Series as the laptop itself doesn’t look as if it’s anything to get too excited about.

Sony Vaio Z Series

Specs for the new high-end laptop are similarily unclear officially, but recently specs for a Z21 (surely an update of last year’s Z11) have appeared on a number of websites in Europe. The spec sheets reveal a couple of configurations including a second-generation Core i5-2410M processor paired with a 128GB SSD and a Core i7-2620M paired with 256GB of storage. The screen resolution appears to be 1,600 x 900 and there’s a backlit keyboard, fingerprint reader, 3D output but no Thunderbolt port as some had expected. The prices quoted for these laptops range from the £1,600 to £2,520 which is about on par with the price of the Z11 series we looked at and loved last year.

Sony Vaio Z Series

With the high-end portable laptop market getting pretty crowded (with Apple's MacBook Air and Samsung's Series 9 leading the charge) and the emergence of the Ultrabook to add even more competition, Sony will surely have to release the new Vaio Z Series soon if it wants to retain its market share.

Source: Engadget

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