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Sony Unveils PlayStation 3D Monitor & Glasses

David Gilbert


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Jack Tretton, boss of Sony Computer Entertainment America, must have drawn the short straw. He was the guy who got to face the 6,000 journalists and games enthusiasts at E3 last night and apologise for his company’s shambolic security set-up in the wake of a number of cyber attacks in recent months.

Confirming the PlayStation Network was almost completely back on line, Tretton said: "It is you that both causes us to be humble and amazed by the amount of dedication and support you give to the PlayStation brand." Moving swiftly on, Tretton announced something completely unexpected, a PlayStation-branded 3D monitor, which will ship in a bundle with 3D glasses and a copy of Resistance 3 and all for the price of $499. Pricing for other regions has yet to be finalised before shipping commences some time this autumn. The 24in edge-LED backlit LCD monitor will allow two gamers to view entirely different images at the same time – that is if you’ve bought a second pair of the active shutter glasses for $69.

PlayStation 3D Monitor

The sleek-looking TV will be 35mm thick at its chunkiest point and will come with two HDMI input ports so you can hook up something else besides your PS3. The 24in 1080p display adopts “quad-speed frame sequential display technology” to minimize crosstalk distortion and supports several 3D formats including frame packing, top and bottom, and side by side. The 3D glasses charge via USB with a 45 minute charge promising 30 hours of use. The monitor has stereo speakers and an inbuilt subwoofer. As well as showing off Resistance 3 in glorious 3D, Sony demoed a few other titles taking advantage of all three dimensions including two HD 3D collections: God of War Origins and Team Ico Classics.

It seems as if, according to Sony, Resistance is futile in the face of 3D gaming and while Nintendo may have other ideas, for those looking to go down the 3D gaming route, this package does seem like a decent option. However with passive displays now beginning to emerge at a similar price, we’re still not entirely convinced about the 3D glasses route.

Source: Sony

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