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Sony Unveils HD-PG5 - Its First External Hard Drive

David Gilbert


Sony HD-PG5 external hard drive

Sony has announced its first ever external hard drive which will allow you record TV shows directly, transfer video from your Handycam and even watch films and photos via your PlayStation 3.

For Sony lovers out there who already have their homes kitted out with all the latest Sony tech, the HD-PG5 series of external hard drives brings everything together rather nicely. The 500GB storage unit will allow you to record HD content direct from your TV – but only if its a Bravia TV. Connecting via USB, the HD-PG5U will record content from the TV’s tuner as well as from a set top box.And while a lot of set top boxes have a record function of their own, this solution will let you watch those shows where ever you like.

Sony HD-PG5 external hard drive

If you have a HandyCam camcorder lying around and want to transfer some footage off it without having to hook it up to a PC, the these hard drives are for you. With the supplied USB adaptor cable, PC-free transfer of video footage is possible with compatible HandyCam models, which have Direct Copy function, such as the new DCR-SX21E and DCR-SR21 models.

Finally, the hard drives can also hook up to your PlayStation 3 to let you watch AVCHD videos and photos via the Filmy app – again without the need for a PC. The HD-PG5 series can of course be used as a regular external HDD and boasts USB 3.0 support for high speed transfers while those stuck with USB 2.0 will benefit from the pre-loaded Data Transfer Accelerator software which claims to double transfer rates.

Sony HD-PG5 external hard drive

The HD-PG5 series is available in black and white and weighs in at just 180g. The drives have a scratch-resistant paint layer to ensure there look better for longer and come with a suite of security and backup software.

The HD-PG5 drives will be available in the UK, France and Germany from the middle of this month but no pricing has been announced so far but we've been in touch with Sony to get some more details and will bring you them as soon as we get them.

Source: Sony

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