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Sony unconcerned by next-gen game delays

Luke Johnson



Sony has suggested that it is unconcerned by the recent raft of next-gen game delays, stating there are ‘pros and cons’ to titles being held back.

With a number of high-profile next-gen titles have been pushed back into a 2015 launch window – including the likes of The Order: 1886, Elder Scrolls Online and Batman: Arkham Knight – Sony has suggested that these delays will only help spread the appeal of consoles such as the PS4.

“You can look at it several different ways,” Fergal Gara, Managing Director of Sony Computer Entertainment UK said addressing the latest wave of game delays.

Speaking with TrustedReviews at E3 2014 he added: “There are pros and cons to slips. I would always vote that it is better to have a delay on a great game than to rush it out and be average.

“Nobody wins from that. The gamer doesn’t win, and ultimately the business doesn’t win either because the game won’t perform to the levels that it should.”

Despite a number of high-profile postponements, the usually rammed pre-Christmas launch window will still see the likes of Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare and Destiny hit the Xbox One and PS4. Further titles still on track for a late 2014 release include FIFA 15, Assassin’s Creed Unity and Battlefield Hardline.

“I think there are enough [games] that are going to make it out before Christmas to mean it really is worth buying a PS4 this Christmas,” Gara stated.

Looking for a silver lining in the mass of missing titles, he added: “Also, based on what we know so far, it is going to a great, strong start to 2015 as well.”

“You’ve got Batman coming next year. You’ve got The Order coming next year and several others that mean you have real quality launching in 2015.”

An early theme of the next-gen console race, game delays arc back to the arrival of the Xbox One and PS4, with the likes of Watch Dogs and DriveClub having both been intended as launch titles before being pushed back.

Although a disappointment for gamers, Gara doesn’t see these delays as a serious issue.

“If Watch Dogs had come out last November then we would be in the middle of a big drought now,” he said. “We wouldn’t have had that big title come in May so there are pros and cons [to delays].”

He added: “We have just come through the tricky months and I see the period from September through to December being really, really strong, with Destiny spearheading the launches this Christmas.”

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June 18, 2014, 5:21 pm

Delays ??? What delays ??? Plenty of fantastic games coming in September, October and November 2014 for xbox one. Hey if sony isnt concerned...then you ps4 owners should just be happy playing knack and waiting and waiting and waiting. Wait for sony to replace all their 1st party software developers that quit because they can see the coming bankruptcy. Games will be trash when they do arrive. Have fun ponies !!!

patrick robinson

June 19, 2014, 12:57 pm

So in his view of the world it seems to be OK that the pros are all for Sony's marketing strategy and the cons are all for the owners who have to wait for games to be drip fed, thanks very much Sony.


June 19, 2014, 8:40 pm

PS4 is outselling Xbox 8 million to 4.5 million yet there's a disproportionately huge number of bitter microsoft shills on disqus spreading lies and hate about PS4, Sony, and anyone who likes their games. I wonder why that is.

Disqus is swarming with dumb, hateful, delusional, feces flinging ms fanboys constantly invading disqus and spreading lies, ignorance, and hatred. Like "BANKRUPT!!1", "DOWNGRADE!!1", "NOGAMES DELAY INDIESTATION!!1", "RUNS BETTER ON XBOX!!1" and "SONY LIED!!1".

Another typical dumb, delusional, malicious, constantly wrong microsoft fanboy that has no clue about technology or sales, just feces flinging and screaming like an imbecile. You are worthless, lying, mentally ill, evil, demented fanboy human waste.

Get mental help. It's not healthy to hate pieces of plastic and people who like playing video games on them. Some severely mentally ill people are upset at PS4's success and have to spread hate and lies about it, apparently.

Apparently PS4's stronger hardware, ~3.5 million sales lead, large number of 1st party developers, more games, and more developer support have microsoft fanboys extremely upset, causing them to spread lies and hatred. Thankfully everyone is ignoring these children and buying PS4s like hotcakes anyway.

8+ million PS4s and counting. Nothing you say will stop it, you are helpless. Keep lying and hating while everyone else ignores you. It's going to be a very long gen of delusion, denial, and spinning for you.

It's sad PS4 is dominating so badly that you're left desperately wishing Sony would go bankrupt. Keep dreaming.

PS4 has the superior visuals on all console AAA multiplats, more dev support including indies, a large number of first party studios, free to play games and MMOs, and unannounced 1st party games. Titanfall 2 and future 3rd party games will almost certainly be on PS4.

1st/2nd party studios include Japan Studio, Polyphony Digital, Naughty Dog, SCE Bend, SCE San Diego, SCE Santa Monica, Sucker Punch, Pixel Opus, Evolution Studios, Guerrilla Games, Guerrilla Cambridge, SCE London, Media Molecule, Insomniac, Ready at Dawn, Quantic Dream, etc.

PS4 games not on Xbox One: Killzone, inFamous Second Son & First Light, Dynasty Warriors 8, Final Fantasy XIV, War Thunder, DC Universe, Yakuza Isshin and other Japanese games, MLB 14 The Show, Bound by Flame, Injustice Gods Among Us, Knack, Natural Doctrine, Uncharted, Planetside 2, Dragon Ball Z, MotoGP, Deep Down, Driveclub, The Last of Us Remastered, The Witness, The Order, LittleBigPlanet 3, Entwined, Bloodborne, Let It Die, Rachet & Clank, Kingdom Under Fire 2, Tropico 5, Guilty Gear Xrd, Samurai Warriors 4 and a ton of indies including Resogun.

PS4 will have the graphics advantage the entire gen. PS4 hardware and software will outsell Xbox globally the entire gen. PS4 will have more dev support and more 1st party games the entire gen. Sony still has a large number of 1st party studios and they're all working on PS4 games. PS4 will make a net profit, Sony won't go bankrupt.

PS4 is selling on price/performance, the best visuals on console multiplats, better PR, and the promise of Sony 1st party games (Naughty Dog, GoW, Gran Turismo, etc). Watch Dogs on PS4 sold about 2 million out of the 4 million total claimed by Ubisoft.

PS4 will keep selling like hotcakes based on superior multiplats alone, and bundles with Destiny and Watch Dogs. Destiny month will be huge for PS4 bundles. PS4 is 8+ million and counting sold to consumers.

PS4 rest of 2014 exclusives: The Last of Us Remake, Driveclub, LittleBigPlanet 3, Infamous: First Light, Samurai Warriors 4, Natural Doctrine, Guilty Gear Xrd, Singstar, Resogun DLC, and lots of indies.

PS4 2015 exclusives (announced): Bloodborne, The Order, Ratchet & Clank Remastered, Uncharted 4, Let It Die, Deep Down, and lots of indies.

PS4 is currently outselling Xbox almost 2:1 globally, 7 million to ~4.2 million as of April 6 2014. It's about 8.2 million to ~4.5 million right now (June 2014). The sales gap is growing wider despite price drops and free Titanfall bundles. PS4 is still very supply constrained in some non-US countries. PS4's attach rate is 2.93 (20.5 / 7 million) as good or better than Xbox One.

By April 6 2014 MS shipped 5 million to stores, sold ~4.2 mil to consumers, with ~800k rotting on store shelves. Most console gamers are ignoring MS fanboy apologizing, denial, and damage control and buying PS4s. Playstation is a net profit and PS4 will gain on that profit.

"2nd fastest selling console ever!!1" Yeah no, sales cratered after the one time delusional fanboy frenzy at launch. It's going to get worse as time goes on, not better. Xbox is shipping AND likely selling under 360 numbers right now.

Xbox will hardly sell anything in smaller "tier 2" markets already dominated by PS3 and PS4. The global gap is growing wider, Xbox will never surpass PS4 in global sales.

Xbox 360 regularly sells 300-400 consoles A MONTH in Japan. You think Xbox One is going to sell big there? PS4 is doing relatively well considering the market shift to mobile.

The 13 countries Xbox One launched in already account for ~90% of 360's sales. Remaining countries will be 10% at best, but probably less since it's launching late, more expensive, and less global appeal than the MURICA' NFL TV box. I estimate the % of sales from non-launch countries around 4-5% at best.

Xbox is ALREADY AVAILABLE in pretty much every European country as a grey market import. They're stacked on the shelves of "unlaunched" European countries. That leaves Asia, South America, Middle East, and African countries, and even some of those those countries have Xbox Ones already available in stores as imports.

These markets for Xbox are so tiny they might as well be rounding errors. In other words, barely enough to move the global needle, let alone keep it from tracking under the 360 shipped numbers.

September's "launch" will arrive with all the sales force of a wet fart. Same with this China straw grasping. I'm sorry but that's reality and if you think Xbox sales are going to skyrocket in September you're in for some serious crow eating.

Xbox does not have access to all of MS's money, they're given a budget by shareholders and expected to turn a profit. MS shareholders aren't going to throw endless billions into the Xbox brand that shows little or no sign of turning a profit. Which is why Xbox recently laid off 20 Rare staff despite MS having "a lot of money".

After the Xbox One reveal disaster, it's going to take a long time for consumers to regain trust in the brand. Especially with execs saying "you just weren't ready for it", "consumers were confused", and "we got the messaging wrong!". Besides Mattrick and Ballmer, almost every exec responsible for the initial Xbox disaster are still employed there.

OG Xbox lost billions, 360 made some profit but not nearly enough to cover the OG Xbox loss. Xbox One looks like an even bigger loss. Why do you think shareholders keep demanding Xbox be sold off, and execs keep mentioning selling Xbox? It's a net loss that has lost Microsoft billions of dollars and not likely to turn a net profit anytime soon if ever.

The Xbox brand has lost Microsoft billions of dollars, Xbox One will lose them further billions. Xbox, Bing, Surface, and Windows Phones are all in the same general area of failure and net loss. MS's consumer products besides Windows have almost all been failures. Xbox One will be a net LOSS, not profit. Only question is how much they're going to lose.

Xbox is not "doing well". The Xbox brand has lost MS billions of dollars, with Xbox One set to lose even more money. MS consumer products like Bing, Surface, and Xbox are all money losers for MS and some shareholders are increasingly unhappy about it.

PS4 will have the graphics advantage the entire gen. PS4 hardware and software will outsell Xbox globally the entire gen. PS4 will have more dev support and more 1st party games the entire gen. Sony still has a large number of 1st party studios and they're all working on PS4 games. PS4 will make a net profit, Sony won't go bankrupt. I'm constantly right, as usual.

Bob Bobson1234

June 19, 2014, 10:00 pm


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