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Sony PS4 game controller and eye camera goes on public display


PS4 DualShock 4
Image credit: CNET

Sony has given attendees at the Games Developers Conference in San Francisco, the chance to get a little face time with its swanky new PS4 controller.

Given the absence of the console itself, the new DualShock 4 controller was the star of the show at Sony's PS4 launch in New York City back in February.

The redesigned game controller now features a touchpad, opening up the possibility for mobile touchscreen-like games, and a new Share button for social interaction with other gamers

It's also got a built-in, light-emitting PlayStatIon Move sensor to enable motion gaming without an additional peripheral.

This this is the first time it has gone on public display since the controversial launch event and GDC attendees have been getting an eyeful.

The four controllers are safely stowed in a glass box on the show floor alongside the PlayStation Eye sensor that'll give the next-generation console Xbox Kinect-like functionality.

Anyone reading this thinking they may high-tail it down to San, smash the cases and make off with the controllers, it probably isn't worth your while, as they're only mock-ups.

Meanwhile there's no sign that Sony may actually use GDC to give excited gamers their first look at the console hardware itself.

The company is likely waiting until the E3 expo in May, or thereafter, to showcase how the new black box will look when its released around Christmas time.

Via CNET (Image credit: James Martin/CNET)


March 28, 2013, 9:38 am

They should have swapped the position of the D-Pad and the left analogue stick. I know the design is 'iconic', and broadly symmetrical, but the D-Pad was originally put where it was for a reason. As the primary control is now the analogue stick, it should be there instead. And the controller could stand to be a little larger than before. I know Sony want to preserve continuity, but PS controllers have added so much functionality over the years, and a more thorough redesign could be worthwhile.

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