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Sony preparing to reveal PS4 Virtual Reality headset later this month?


Oculus Rift
Rift rival incoming?

Sony is reportedly planning to reveal a head-mounted Virtual Reality games headset for the PS4, which it may pitch as the final piece of the Xbox One-crushing puzzle.

According to CVG the Japanese giant will make the grand unveiling at the Tokyo Games Show, which begins on September 19th.

Excitingly, a developer told CVG that Drive Club developer Evolution Studios is working with the headset in order to create a cockpit view mode for the PS4 launch title.

The report claims Sony is currently decided whether to push the headset as the difference-maker in its battle with Microsoft or to play it down as a "non-essential add-on."

Apparently Sony had planned to go public with the wearable gaming peripheral at last month's Gamescom expo, but the plans were dropped at the last minute.

CVG says the launch has been complicated by the impressive Oculus Rift headset, which represents the finest example of virtual reality gaming ever witnessed.

The industry is particularly keen on the device and, while Sony's entry into the market would make it a Rift rival, there are rumours suggesting the two companies may team up. Oculus has been coy about next-gen consoles so far, suggesting it may focus on PC and mobile games to begin with.

Sony has already said it will showcase over 50 PlayStation games at TGS, including 10 PS4 games, but the launch of a VR headset would surely upstage them all. Watch this space.


September 14, 2013, 12:16 am

ooohh get you, what got your knickers in a twist? i dont wave my hands about whilst using a ps3 controller so why would i start doing that if i was wearing a vr headset? vr is the next step up in the gaming world thats plainly obvious, all this motion control and 3d stuff has just been filler on the road to vr. we didnt ask for 3d they just gave it to us, we didnt ask for motion gaming they just gave it to us, we have been asking for quality vr gaming for years if not decades and now its possible. you just sound like a whiny, little butt-hurt child.

i love watching all these nails being hammered into the xbox coffin, its so thoroughly entertaining watching you people squirm. any excuse you lot get to winge you take it, its so funny.

ohh and by the way its a huge giveaway as to ones I.Q. and intellect when they label the truth as a "biased" opinion.

theres still time to switch systems before release ;).


September 16, 2013, 5:25 pm

uhhmm, i dont know about this but maybe just maybe you are pretending you dont know what im talking about because you edited your original post and took out all the stuff i was commenting about in my reply.

seems like you are trying to kid yourself into actually believing the microsoft machine is the better choice, haha unbelievable. just give up the ghost already.

as i said before theres still time not to waste your money on the microsoft machine, do the right thing, you'll only regret it if you dont ;).

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