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Sony PlayStation Vita Still Getting Flash (Maybe)

David Gilbert


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Adobe’s decision to end its support for Flash on mobile devices may have knock-on effects for Sony’s latest handheld console, the PS Vita.

In an interview with the Japanese website, AV Watch, a pair of Sony executives have confirmed that Sony is still trying to get the PS Vita to support Flash, considering a huge amount of the internet is built using the platform.

While Flash obviously has its drawbacks, and HTML5 is certainly growing in popularity, if the PlayStation Vita does not support the platform, its media credentials will be severely dented.

PS Vita

Sony Computer Entertainment's Senior VP Yoshio Matsumoto, Product Division Chief Hiromi Wakai, and Division 2 Software Development Head Muneki Shimada said although there has been no more progress to report, Sony was still keeping its fingers crossed that it will be able to deliver.

The interview also gave us a couple of other insights into the new handheld console, with confirmation that there will be no support for Full HD video at launch. It also said that those using a Mac will need special software to be able to transfer media to and from the console.

The PS Vita will go on sale in Sony’s home territory in time for Christmas but won’t arrive in the UK until the middle of February. With a number of issues obviously still needing to be ironed out, Sony is at least talking about them in public rather than facing a backlash once the console does go on sale.

Source: AV Watch

Via: The Verge

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