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Sony Nexus X pictures show up on Picasa


Sony Nexus X 1

Mysterious pictures showing what appears to be a joint-branded Sony and Google phone have been posted on photo-sharing site Picasa.

Apparently called the Sony Nexus X, the phone of course runs the standard “stock” version of Android and looks fairly high-end. The back panel shows both Sony and Google logos, as well as a two-tone finish with what looks like brushed black metal at the bottom and plastic at the top. As GearLive discovered before the EXIF info was removed, the photo was apparently taken with a Samsung-made Google Galaxy Nexus phone, which perhaps suggests it was taken by a Google employee from somewhere within the company.

Sony Nexus X 2

It’s long been thought that the next Nexus-branded Google smartphone would be made by LG and named the Nexus 4. We’ve already seen a leaked image of it (interestingly it appears to be sitting on a very similar desktop to the one in the Sony Nexus X images), and there’s talk that it will be launched on 29th October. The 4 in the name probably refers to the screen size, as in the 7-inch Nexus 7 tablet.

But the Nexus X is more of a mystery. Is Google allowing two manufacturers to produce official Nexus phones at the same time? It’s entirely possible. In terms of specifications, price and release date, there are no details out there at the moment – simply the two images. But rest assured we’ll update you as the story develops.

Do you think the Sony Nexus X is the genuine article, or are the pictures merely a hoax? Let us know in the comments section below.

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Hans Gruber

October 20, 2012, 5:58 pm

"But rest assured we'll update you as the story develops."

Anatomy of a Hoax is a good read as to how rumours get picked up and perpetuated so quickly by the tech press with little or no thought going into veracity of sources, no attempt at contacting the original source and no follow up. Journalism at its best? Or a sad indictment of the modern (over)information age. The story from the creator of the hoax himself makes for quite a good read.


Are you disappointed there's no Sony Nexus X phone on the horizon or are you happy you've only got one 15 minute article to write? Let us know in the comments box below.


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