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Sony has “no plans to further lower” PS Vita memory card prices

Sam Loveridge


PS Vita memory cards
Those proprietary memory cards will still set you back a pretty penny

Sony has confirmed it currently has “no plans to further lower” PS Vita memory card prices.

One of the main issues with the value of the PS Vita is the sky-high prices of its proprietary memory cards that are required to store games on.

Although Sony slightly reduced the prices of these Vita memory cards last year, you’ll be forking out a premium for the purchase.

Currently, the minimum you can pay for a PS Vita memory card is as follows: 4GB - £9.50, 8GB - £18.99, 16GB - £24.99, 32GB - £42.99.

However, you won’t see another official price drop from Sony any time soon.

“The [Vita memory card prices] were lowered last year. No plans to further lower them, but it’s one of the many things in the value equation to look at”, PlayStation UK boss, Fergal Gara said speaking to TrustedReviews.

Sony announced the PS Vita Slim for the UK earlier this month, which now comes with 1GB of internal storage in an attempt to help kickstart your Vita gaming experience.

Although the internal storage is handy, don’t expect to fit any AAA titles like Tearaway or Killzone: Mercenary into that 1GB. For any blockbuster titles you will need to purchase a memory card.

“We’ve looked at lots of different areas at various times. The cost of the machine, the cost of the games, the types of games that are available, how Plus adds value, memory cards and maybe at some stage. We’ll let you know when we do.”

Obviously, the main use for the Vita cards is to download the PlayStation Plus titles onto every month. Anyone with a PS Plus subscription can download around two new games each month for free, and Sony says the service is a strong content source for Vita gamers.

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February 3, 2014, 3:46 pm

People be like, the VITA memory cards are so expensive, 60-80 bucks for a 32 GB card. People riot!
Apple asks 16GB for their internal iPhone storage, $200. And then $300 for 32GB. No one complains! I'd rather have a choice. I understand they aren't SD cards as people would like them to be, but stop with the hacking, and these measures would never have been taken. They have to satisfy publishers. And I'm sure they, being the only manufacturer of these cards, have to make up for lost costs. SD cards are only so cheap due to open competition. They don't make much money back either.

I'm not defending the price, just making it understood. I do think they are expensive. All I'm saying is, they could be a lot worse. Thank god they are not Apple.


February 3, 2014, 7:46 pm

I can get the same size memory for my camera significantly cheaper so there is no reason this has to be overpriced. Sony is generally good with their customers but this is one point that Sony and I will always disagree. This seems very anti consumer and something I'd expect from EA, Not Sony.


March 11, 2014, 2:32 am

Sadly, other than a select few, most publishers thus far have shied away from the Vita and basically act like it doesn't exist because they aren't satisfied by the quantity of Vita's that have been sold. So they figure the audience isn't large enough to sustain the cost of investing development into games for the console.

Consumers aren't buying them as rapidly because of the steep price of the memory cards and the lack of familiar franchised 'AAA' titles. It's a huge mess because nobody is winning. Us devoted Vita fans bit the bullet and are basically pleading to developers to support the system. Some are coming around, but others have basically shunned the system because of the hell they went through with the PSP.

You're right, the piracy and hacking of the PSP definitely did get out of hand and it did tarnish some studio's image of the system. It would be nice if they took another look at the Vita and realized the system is much, much, more secure than it was on the PSP.


March 12, 2014, 9:26 pm

Damn straight! I love my VITA! Although...I've never met anyone so far that has a VITA who doesn't love it. They are a lot of fun, even if you don't buy games, and just subscribe with PLUS. So much fun. And in a way...It's way cheaper due to PLUS. You don't have to buy games. Just the memory card. And enjoy many releases down the line.

Just wish it was advertised better, translate it to $ value for consumers that don't understand. It's not just free, it saves you $40 here, $20 here.


March 30, 2014, 12:01 am

I can't wait until hackers finally crack this pussy wide open and fuck it for everything it's worth and make it's mother (Sony) regret it's actions!


April 16, 2014, 11:47 pm

PS Plus, with good games?
Honestly I didn't download anything good since December last year...
And its kinda outrageous how a stupid half-ass memory stick with the size of a nail, be more expensive then my entire Ps Vita .................... sony, rly?

Nicholas Reichart

August 14, 2014, 12:01 am

What kind of bullshit corporate-speak is that?

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