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Sony Ericsson Unveils txt pro And Walkman Mix

David Gilbert


Sony Ericsson txt pro walkman mix

Facebook is becoming central to mobile phones these day as we saw earlier this week with the release of the HTC Salsa, but Sony Ericsson has used the social network in a different way, to announce two new phones, the Mix Walkman and the txt pro.

Some companies see social media as the most crucial way of ‘speaking’ to their customers, while others put less weight in the concept. Sony Ericsson is firmly camped in the former and has being holding a competition on its Facebook page to find video reviewers for its two new phones. It was on this Facebook page where the company decided to reveal the two new phones in all their glory – the reason it didn’t do it in the main stream media we’ll leave up to you to consider. The handsets themselves are feature phones and while containing some interesting features, on the whole they are pretty low end models aimed at the younger generation. First up is the Mix Walkman, which you can guess is focused on music. It features a karaoke mode, which lowers the vocal track of any song while you play it to let you sing along with your friends.

Sony Ericsson Walkman Mix

Another feature, with its own dedicated button on the top of the phone, is Zappin that lets you browse through your songs by automatically being served the chorus of the songs while skipping through them. There’s also a 3.5mm jack, Bluetooth audio and an FM radio with RDS for further audio goodness as well as a 3in touchscreen, micros SD card slot and Wi-Fi. The second phone, the txt pro, also comes with a 3in capacitive single-touch screen and looks very much like the Xperia X10 Mini Pro but without the powerful processor or Android software. It retains the four ‘hot corner’ shortcuts on the home screen and slide out landscape QWERTY keyboard. Both phones also have a new Friends app which we imagine is a slimmed down version of TimeScape.

Sony Ericsson txt pro

Both phones will be available in Q3 this year and pricing is not known yet, however unless they are seriously affordable we can’t see the reason for purchasing one of these over a budget smartphone such as the Orange San Francisco.

Source: Sony Ericsson

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