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PlayStation Network Coming Back Online

David Gilbert


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Sony has announced that the PlayStation Network (PSN) has been partly restored in the US and Europe and that it will be fully restored by the end of this month.

The PSN was shut down in the middle of April following a cyber-attack where 77million PSN users’ data was compromised, including credit card information. Yesterday Sony released a firmware update (v3.61) for the PlayStation 3 and once downloaded the new software will force users to change their passwords. You will only be able to change your password on your own PS3 or the machine where you originally created your PSN account. Later yesterday evening, Sony confirmed that a phased restoration of the PSN was beginning with areas such as Europe, the US and the Middle East getting back online.

While features such as multiplayer gaming have been restored users will still not be able to purchase anything from the PlayStation Store using their credit cards. Other features which have been turned back on include the Qriocity service and Music Unlimited as well as Netflix and Hulu in the States. Sony executive Kazuo Hirai recorded the video above to once again apologise for the delay in getting the system back up and running. He also reassured gamers that the Sony has beefed up its security system to prevent a similar attack taking place in the future including an early warning system.

Reports are suggesting that the roll out of the PSN is encountering some difficulty but with 77 million people potentially trying to reset their password at the same time, that’s to be expected. Sony is also promising a “welcome back package” for all users which will be announced in the coming days as well as the previously announced one-year data theft protection plan. Let us know if you’re a PS3 user and if you’ve managed to get back online or not.

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