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Sony Announces NEX-5N and NEX-7

David Gilbert


Sony NEX-5N

Sony has just announced the latest models in its interchangeable lens camera range, the slimmed-down NEX-5N and the premium NEX-7.


Let’s look at the NEX-5N first. It is set to replace the NEX-5 and comes in a much slimmed-down magnesium alloy body being only 23.3mm at its slimmest point but despite the reduction in size, Sony has manages to improve almost all aspects of the new camera.

The Exmor APS HD CMOS sensor has been boosted from 14 megapixels to 16.1 and is partnered by a specially-optimised version of the BIONZ image processor to help with low-noise images.


Sony has also managed to reduce the shutter lag to just 0.02 seconds which it claims is “the fastest of any interchangeable lens digital camera in the world.” Combined with an improved AF algorithm, Sony says it results in an AF that is "significantly faster" than the current NEX-5 model.

The NEX-5N can shoot AVCHD video at 60fps, has a 10fps continuous burst shooting mode, a 3in LCD touchscreen and a maximum ISO level of 25,600.

Sony NEX-5N

If you feel like really splashing out, the NEX-5N can also be coupled with an OLED electronic viewfinder, which you can see in the picture above. While the accessory port on the NEX-5N looks like the one on previous NEX bodies, the viewfinder is only compatible with the NEX-5N.

The NEX-5N will come bundled with a 18-55mm kit lens when it arrives next month and will cost £600


Sony NEX-7

While the NEX-5N is certainly an impressive new addition to its interchangeable lens range, it’s not the star of the show. The NEX-7 does everything the NEX-5N does and more.

The NEX-7 has a 24.3 effective megapixels Exmor APS HD CMOS making it not only the first mirrorless camera system to break this barrier, but the first APS-C camera of any type to break this barrier.

Sony NEX-7

The NEX-7 also includes an integrated XGA OLED viewfinder, another first for interchangeable lens cameras, and is complimented by a tiltable 3in LCD touchscreen.

The additions to the NEX-7 means it won't be cheap when it arrives next month costing a tasty £1,000 again with the 18-55mm kit lens - making it more expensive that the A65 DSLR.

Sony NEX-5N NEX-7

We’ll hopefully be getting up close and personal with the new NEX models at IFA in Berlin in a couple of weeks so keep you eyes peeled for some hands-on action.

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