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Sony Announces G-Series Micro HiFi Systems

David Gilbert


Sony G Series HiFi

Sony has announced two new micro Hi-Fi systems, which recall the look of classical analogue systems while combining the latest ways to listen to your music – including over a wireless home network.

The two systems in the new micro Hi-Fi G Series from Sony, the CMT-G2BNiP and the CMT-G1iP, are both minimalist in style while attempting to impress even the most demanding audiophile. The systems use something Sony calls “geometric grounding technology” which aims to minimise amplifier distortion so you hear accurate rhythm and tempo whether you’re listening to a thumping rock anthem or a gentle classical track. The compact speakers are designed to handle the high-power output of the amp and deliver a natural acoustic balance - with details such as grooved internal speaker walls helping to “create a pure sound which lets you lose yourself in the music performance.”

Sony G Series HiFi

Of course being able to play music on these systems is of some importance too and both systems are certified to connect with your iPod or iPhone via USB and you can connect other MP3 players or thumb drives in this way too. The CMT-G2BNiP model will also let you connect to a Wi-Fi network to let you stream music from your PC or play internet radio stations without the clutter of cables. You can also use the Wi-Fi to stream audio from the Sony system to other devices and an iPhone app will let you control this from your phone. There is also a DAB radio included in some configurations.

Sony has not released any pricing details for the systems yet or when they will be available but we’ve been in contact with them and will let you know as soon as they get back to us.

Source: Sony

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