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Sony Announces Walkman Music Clip NWZ-B16

David Gilbert


Sony Announces Walkman Music Clip NWZ-B16

Sony Walkman has long been like the patriarch of the portable music family – once mighty but now out-of-touch and a little pointless.

Despite this, Sony has launched the Walkman Music Clip NWZ-B16, a wearable MP3 player, which boasts quick charging, a Bass Boost button and a detachable clip. The Music Clip weighs in at only 28g and measures 10cm in length to make it a very portable player indeed. The Music Clip comes in 2GB and 4GB versions storing around 500 and 1000 MP3 songs respectively. There is a three-line LCD screen to display what tracks you’re currently listening to and an FM tuner if you run out of your own songs to listen to. The Music Clip features a Bass Boost button, which gives you even more low-end power and the colour-matching power illuminator pulses in time with the music.

The Music Clip boast a battery time of 18 hours in power save mode but should you run out, a quick three-minute charge would give you 90 minutes of battery life. A new feature is a detachable clip, which will attach to your belt, bag or shirt. Music can be just dragged and dropped to the Music Clip once connected to your computer via a USB cable or using Windows Media Player 11/12. 'Zappin' song search technology lets you browse quickly through all your music and a dedicated 'Zappin' button gives you a small preview of each track.

The portable players will be available in a range of colours in the middle of this month and we’re waiting to hear back from Sony regarding the price but Sony is obviously trying to use whatever cachet the Walkman brand still has to boost sales of these players.

Source: Sony

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