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Sony Announces S1 And S2 PlayStation-Certified Tablets


Sony Announces S1 And S2 PlayStation-Certified Tablets

Sony has finally entered the tablet game with a pair of Android 3.0 devices which look and feel different than the current models on the market.

Back in February, we reported on leaked images and details of Sony’s up-coming tablets and this morning at a press conference in Tokyo, it announced the S1 and S2 tablets both of which are PlayStation Certified, support DLNA and are WiFi and 3G/4G compatible.

First up is the S1, which is a 9.4in tablet with nVidia’s Tegra 2 processor inside. What makes this tablet stand out from the rest of the Android tablets on the market is the design, which makes the S1 look like a folded magazine. Sony says the off-centre of gravity design “offers stability and a sense of lightness, offering comfortable use for hours.” The S1 will run Android 3.0 which will be customised with the “Quick and Smooth” UI and comes bundled with the “Swift” web browser. Integrated infra-red will also allow the S1 to be used as a remote control to for your other Sony tech.

The second tablet announced this morning is the S2 which has a dual-screen clamshell design and is also powered by nVidia’s ubiquitous Tegra 2 processor. The S2 sports two 5.5in 1,024x480 pixel displays and when closed is slim enough to fit in your inside jacket pocket – as Sony’s Kunimasa Suzuki showed at the press conference. The dual-screen S2 can be viewed as one large screen or thanks to a customised UI, can be used separately in apps such as an email, e-reader and others.

Both tablets are optimised for Qriocity, Sony’s music and video streaming service. Together with it DLNA support and infra-red control, the tablets are obviously going to look to integrate seamlessly into your home cinema and music set up.

Sony has said the tablets would be available this autumn in most markets but it is yet to announce prices for the tablets. However, leaks which have proven to be very accurate in other areas, also mentioned the S1 would retail for $599 while the S2 would set you back $699. We have also heard rumours of a Windows 7 slider tablet from Sony and we could be hearing more about that some time today. Let us know what you think of the new tablets from Sony in the comments.

Source: Sony

Sam Wright

April 26, 2011, 2:47 pm

The S2 certainly looks fascinating, even if it does look like they've seen the DS and thought "Hmm, I want some of that action".


April 26, 2011, 3:02 pm

These look good I hope they can get them out on time. By xmas there will be lots of choice in the tablet market. Android will have this market sewn up by end of next year :).

Energizer Bunny

April 26, 2011, 6:33 pm

Why exactly is a Sony product being "Playstation certified" something to shout about? What does that even mean? One of Sony's own brands lending its name to one of Sony's other products is hardly an impartial recommendation. Isn't that just like Microsoft releasing a phone that is PowerPoint certified?


April 27, 2011, 4:24 pm

@ Energizer Bunny

Given this is an Android tablet i'm going to guess that the Playstation certification means that you can play the PS1 titles that Sony have shown working on the new xperia play android phone.

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