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Sony And Nintendo Post Impressive Figures

David Gilbert


Sony And Nintendo Post Impressive Figures

It seems as if, despite the global financial crisis, people can still scrape together the money needed to buy the latest gaming technology - if figures from Sony and Nintendo are anything to go by.

The PlayStation 3 has been around for some time now – over four years in fact – and Sony has just announced that its gaming behemoth has shipped over 50 million units in that time. With no sign of a PlayStation 4 arriving any time soon, Sony will no doubt be happy that its console is still selling so well. One of the reasons why the PS3 continues to enjoy success could be down to the motion controller launched to rival the Xbox Kinect last year. The PlayStation Move controller has shipped eight million units since it went on sale at the tail end of 2010, extending the appeal and functionality of the PS3. While the Move may not have received as much coverage as the Kinect, which became the fastest selling consumer electronics device ever, eight million units is not a figure to be sniffed at.

Moving to handheld gaming, and Nintendo has announced that its 3DS console sold 400,000 units in the States alone in its first week on sale there. While the 3DS has been on sale here in the UK for a number of weeks now, it only went on sale in the US on 27 March. Nintendo, releasing sales figures for the month, revealed that the 3DS sold almost as many units in its one week on sale as the company’s DS console sold in the entire month of March. This is obviously good news for Nintendo, especially as this indicates a sales level of around 2.4 million units a month, if the sales figures are extrapolated. However even Nintendo can’t expect to sustain this level of sales but it is certainly an impressive start by the handheld console, despite the reports of it causing people to feel dizzy and ill over here.

So the games industry seems to be staying buoyant despite the recession and Sony will be hoping that people continue to splash out on the latest devices as it prepares to launch the NGP later this year.

Source: Game Hunters and Engadget

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