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Sony Adds To DSLR Range With A77 And A65

David Gilbert


Sony Adds To DSLR Range With A77 And A65

Having announced a couple of new NEX models already this morning, Sony has also added to its DSLR range with the entry-level A65 and premium A77.

First up is the A77, the high-end model which could just pack enough features to get those still using the predecessor, the A700, to upgrade.

As with the NEX-7, the A77 features a newly-designed 24.3 megapixel Exmor APS HD CMOS sensor which is combined with an enhanced BIONZ processor for better low-noise image quality.

Sony A77

It also claims the title of world’s fastest continuous shooting mode being able to capture full resolution images at 12fps with full-time phase-detection autofocus.

Also included is a newly-developed 19-point autofocus system with 11 cross-type sensors and the Tracking Focus feature maintains focus on a moving subject even if it’s momentarily obscured by another object.

Sony A77

Again like the NEX-7, the A77 comes with an integrated XGA OLED viewfinder, delivering 2359k resolution directly to your eye.

The LCD screen is “3-way adjustable,” allowing you to twist and swivel the screen to let you see what you’re shooting even while pointing the camera at yourself (see below).

Sony A77

The A77 can also shoot Full HD video at 50p (progressive) frame rates, another first for consumer-oriented APS-C cameras.

The a77 will be available from October and will cost £1,150 for the body only, or £1,600 with the new 16-50mm lens. The new 16-50mm lens will be around £250 on its own, while the A77 battery grip will be priced around £270.


Sony A65

The A65 is Sony’s entry-level DSLR model and for those looking to get into the DSLR game, this is certainly a model worth considering.

The A65 holds onto a lot of the features of its bigger brother including the new OLED electronic viewfinder, 24.3 megapixel CMOS APS-C sensor, and 1080 / 60p AVCHD video capture.

Also present is Sony’s Translucent Mirror Technology, Tracking Focus, and an ISO range of 100-16,000, though it’s not expandable down to 50 like the A77.

Sony A65

The A65 continuous shooting mode drops to 10fps at full resolution, the autofocus system is 15-point with 3 cross-type sensors and the 3in LCD screen is only two-way adjustable.

We are still waiting to hear from Sony regarding pricing but the entry-level A65 will also be available in October.


August 26, 2011, 3:00 pm

A few points...

These cameras aren't strictly DSLRs, as they use Sony's SLT/translucent mirror technology, but the article only barely makes any mention of this.

You describe the A65 as "entry-level", but looking at the features and specification compared to the A77, which you describe as "high-end", then the price (around £800 for body only), that is not what I'd call entry-level. Entry-level would be the A35 or just maybe the A55.

There's also a typo regarding the 16-50mm lens where you say it will cost £250 on its own. You can probably at least double that.

To be blunt, this is all just a little bit sloppy.


August 26, 2011, 5:52 pm

Actually, the '6' in A65 looks very much like a hint to us old Minolta shooters that this model is a replacement for the much-loved 600si. In terms of price and features, that was marketed as the entry-level camera for enthusiasts and hobbyists. I suspect that that's what Sony intend the A65 to be.

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