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Sonos Opens Up API To All

David Gilbert



Sonos has announced an upgrade to its Android app but more importantly it has opened up its API to allow music services to build a Sonos software plug-in.

The Sonos 3.6 software update, available from today, will open up Sonos Labs to all comers, allowing them to create their own plug-in within the Sonos app. Users will then be able to listen to the serivces on Sonos' wireless speakers, such as the Sonos Play:3 (below).

sonos Labs API

Users will be able to test these Beta apps and should they prove popular and pass Sonos’ critical eye, they will eventually sit alongside the likes of Spotify and Napster in the primary music sources on the Sonos system.

Services looking to develop these apps are pointed in the direction of a website where they can construct a basic version of the app – indicating such things as which buttons it needs to access on the speakers.

sonos Labs API

Currently 20 companies have developed apps for the service though some, like Slacker, will only be available in the US.

As well as opening up the Sonos Labs, the new software promises to improve the Spotify integration allowing you to browse your inbox and check out the new music and top tracks' lists which Spotify publishes. Sonos has also added support for the AAC music format.

As we mentioned, Sonos has also updated its Android app adding support for the Honeycomb version of the OS, meaning the app should scale properly depending on the size of your device. Both Sonos 3.6 and the updated Android app are available from today.

Sonos Android App

Will the additional functionality entice you to purchase one of Sonos’ wireless speaker systems? Let us know in the comments.

Source: Sonos Blog

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