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Sonos' new partnership with Amazon is another reason the UK needs Alexa



The Amazon Echo with Alexa looks like an incredibly cool device, but so far the US is the only country to see a full launch.

And while we eagerly await an international roll-out, connected speaker maker Sonos has just given us another reason to want Amazon's smart speaker.

As IFA 2016 gets underway in Berlin, Sonos held its own event in New York to announce some new partnerships, alongside an update to its Sonos app.

The company has teamed up with Amazon to bring Amazon Echo and Dot support to its range of speakers, meaning owners will now be able to control their Sonos music setups via those voice-controlled devices.

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Amazon Echo

The Amazon Echo is only available in the US

Echo and Dot support means our American cousins can use commands such as "Alexa, what's playing?" and "Alexa, play me music" to control their speakers.

On top of that, Sonos announced it will be opening its speakers up to third-party music streaming services, starting with Spotify.

The new partnership with Spotify means users will be able to control the speakers directly from the Spotify app, whereas they would previously have to use Sonos' proprietary offering.

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What's more, the Spotify app can interact with speakers over the internet rather than requiring the phone or tablet to be on the same Wi-Fi network.

That means, you'll be able to control the speaker setup over a data connection.

There was no mention of further integration with other third-party music services, but we wouldn't be surprised if we hear more in the near future.

The Alexa support will roll out via a private Beta this year, but will be made publicly available in 2017, while Spotify integration will launch in October this year.

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Do you want to see the Amazon Echo make it to the UK? Let us know in the comments.

Kevin Moore

August 30, 2016, 4:41 pm

Amazon needs to be quick and roll out a global launch of Alexa to achieve first mover advantage. The company that rolls out globally will control the market in the future. Google did this with Android for phones and tablets. Amazon can control the voice activation with artificial intelligence on 3rd party equipment via Alexa, but Amazon must launch globally in all the major world languages and be the first to market globally.

Amazon got burned on the fire phone and that experience has possibly held Amazon back. Amazon needs to understand that if it does not launch Alexa globally quickly being the first to do this. Then Amazon will get burned again because all the 3rd parties will go with the product that has a global reach and that product will become the industry standard.

Alexa was released in the U.S in 2014, 2 years later Alexa is still only in the U.S. Where Google, Apple, Samsung, Sony and other companies will all be working on their own product. The company that is the first to launch globally will corner the market and that product will become the industry standard. If Amazon does not quickly launch Alexa globally and be the first to market, then Amazon will get burned again.

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