Sonos June 2018 Event: What could the audio company have planned?

Sonos has just sent out invitations to an event it’s holding on June 6th, and it’s included a cryptic clue about what it might be about to announce. 

The invitation includes a single image, showing four home theatre remotes lined up in a row with the caption, “You’re better than this.”

Combined with the recent news that the company registered a new HDMI-equipped smart speaker with the FCC, the image starts to paint a pretty interesting idea of what Sonos might be about to announce.

It seems pretty obvious that what’s coming is some sort of home theatre sound system (like the existing Playbar or Playbase) that will offer a way to easily control the myriad devices connected to your TV, but the question is how it hopes to do this.

Voice control, HDMI control, or both?

Both of the features given to us by the FCC filing (the HDMI port and the voice control implied by the term ‘smart speaker’) are possible options.

HDMI-CEC is a feature that allows devices to control one another via an HDMI port, theoretically allowing a new Sonos speaker to control your TV via its own remote.

Additionally, this control could be handled through voice commands. The Sonos One was the company’s first speaker to include Alexa, and it’s expected to be upgraded to include Google Assistant later this year.

In terms of the form-factor, we’re leaning towards a soundbase rather than a soundbar. Sure, it seems like only yesterday that the company unveiled and released its Sonos Playbase, but the new speaker could be a nice opportunity to remedy its biggest problem (a lack of HDMI port), while adding some new voice assistant smarts. We’d also expect it to drop the ‘Play’ branding to bring it in line with the Sonos One, perhaps leading to it being called the ‘Sonos Base’.

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